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Watson Mobile – Sam’s Mobile Roundup: Issue #5

This week, Sam Watson has been busy putting out fires and starting even more, so our regular-ish Mobile roundup comes from o̶v̶e̶r̶w̶o̶r̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ special guest contributor Joshua Nevill. Normal service should resume from the next installment.

In the meantime, take it away Josh!

Is Social Mobile about to kill off traditional social networks? 

A really interesting article about the rise of ‘social mobile’, and how major players like Facebook and Google are being beaten by mobile-first companies. Think WhatsApp vs. Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger – who’s winning there?

EA’s Frostbite engine heading to smartphones and tablets in the form of ‘Frostbite Go’. 

Some meaty gaming news here; a mobile version of the gaming engine responsible for Battlefield and Need for Speed. This could be a big, big development for future mobile game releases.

Google launches official ‘Play Games’ app

Google Play now has an official “game centre.” I’ve always wondered why Apple don’t have a web presence for their games store, this could change their attitude towards the accessibility of the platform.

Samsung claims breakthrough in 5G mobile development

At present, the fastest personal internet connection in the world is a very, very expensive service in Japan capped at 2GBPS, so mobile internet at 1 gig will represent an incredible leap forwards. Alas, not likely to hit our mobiles until at least 2020…

Blackberry makes BBM free and ports it to Apple and Android

A stirling effort from Blackberry to inspire a bit of brand loyalty and combat their lesser share of the market – I’ve certainly spoken to a lot of people who switched from BB to iPhone because nobody else they knew was using BBM – which is after all one of the phone’s key selling points…

The best of the rest:

Google objects to Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows phone 

More Google: Fighting the mobile war on two fronts 

Expansive experiences in latest mobile apps for iPhone and Android

DirectTV updates iPhone app with voice commands

Sean MurricaneWatson your mobile? 

Each week i’ll be asking a member of the twentysix team to summarise their favourite app of the moment:

This week – Sean Murricane: Social Media Manager

I love the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ animation – brilliant way to get a safety message across in a music video. An accompanying game app has just come out and it’s everything you’d hope for – funny, sweet, charming, really easy to play, and a little bit frantic as it demands you solve puzzles faster and faster. 

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