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Watson Mobile – Sam’s Mobile Round-up: Issue #6

Its been a busy summer and I’ve neglected the Watson Mobile follower(s) a little, but now I’m back and stronger than ever! Take a look at my latest round-up of all the hottest mobile news, and don’t forget to tell your friends (via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Carrier Pigeon etc),

Breaking news!!!

Apple dev has been hacked (sort of …)

At time of publishing this blog post it’s still broken, we can’t publish apps until they fix it and its been a week already, come on Apple!

Samsung overtakes Apple as world’s most profitable mobile phone maker

While the high-priced iPhone was the engine that propelled Apple to become the world’s most valuable company, its customers are no longer bent on owning the latest model.”

I’m one of those, what about you? Are you still the first in the queue or are you content to wait until the demand settles down a bit?

A day in the life of a mobile consumer

The mobile analytics guys at flurry have a great blog for insights in all things mobile. This one is fantastic, it does focus on American behaviour, but these days we’re all very similar in terms of what we do. This documents the day in the life of a mobile consumer, well worth checking out regardless of the industry you’re in.

App Overload – It’s time to clean house 

Don’t you just hate it when you get the “there is insufficient memory yadda yadda” message? Well Lance at Mashable feels your pain, as do I!  Just last month I was forced to delete Injustice: Gods Among Us in order to free up space to take some photos at Glastonbury last month (oh yeah, I was there…). It was a heartbreaking decision, my character was pretty far on! Anyway, there are some great tips for space saving in here so check it out.

 Leap Motion’s App store will captivate you

We’ve got one, have you? Although still very young we can see a lot of potential with the Leap and contactless navigation. If you’re interested check out the link as there are some neat new apps for it!

Slept through the snooze alarm again? This app can help… 

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? The ‘Walk Up’ alarm is yet another app that promises to solve your problem. The motion-sensing alarm only stops when you’re walking around your house – and it can’t be faked by shaking the device.


Guerilla Tea creates cancer research title 

Dundee-based developers Guerilla Tea have created a cancer research title whereby users help analyse gene data and contribute to the fight against cancer. I hope we can see a shift in newspapers from the negative views that have previously been associated with data collection something more positive like this (if it helps, of course)

Deus Ex: The Fall penalises jailbroken devices

Brilliant. We should see more of this to remove jailbroken devices from the market altogether –  if you don’t like the iPhone then why not get an android?

Ubisoft “convinced” second-screen gaming is the future

Our expert Game producer Ken doesn’t agree, I do (in some instances) and think it would be great to have your device showing content related to the game you’re playing. I’m particularly interested in people’s thoughts on this matter so do feel free to share in the comments box below.

Clash of Clans maker Supercell: ‘You can’t design fun on a spreadsheet’

Really interesting read here, particularly the part on how Finnish developers Supercell have teamed up with their market rivals “Gungho” to take on the likes of EA and Zynga – so far they’re doing really well!

For further reading, there’s an article about the success of Gungho here.

Finally, top apps this week (Courtesy of The Guardian):



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