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Watson Mobile – Sam’s Mobile Roundup: Issue #4

It’s a quiet day in the twentysix office as we all nurse our hangovers from last night’s staff party at The Adelphi. Nevertheless, I’ve summoned the inner strength to put together another collection of all the latest developments in Mobile from the past week. Enjoy!

Apple vs Google play – Stat fight.

App annie have some great blog posts on all things app data, it’s a must for anyone who wants to keep on top what is going on within the app stores. This post is an in depth look at the last quarter of Google Play and Apple App store download/revenue/trends. Some quick stats to tease you:

–          OS App Store Revenue 2.6x that of Google play

–          Photo and Video apps grew to become the third largest in iOS downloads

–          Education apps increased in iOS revenue to become the fourth largest worldwide

–          Social grew in Google Play downloads to enter the Top 5 category rankings


The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing

For those who are in the “web” world Kissmetrics provide a lot of insight into web best practice so naturally you’d expect to see some of this translated into mobile. Some of this in the post pretty obvious stuff but then there are some great insights we could all learn from. For me the App retention section is a must-read; Apps are not like Kevin Costner’s Baseball pitch in Field of Dreams – if you build it they might come but if the course is shit they won’t come back! What I mean by that slightly niche 80s movie reference is that for an app to be more than a flash in the pan you need to look at the stats, look at what people are doing and look at how often they come back. You might be right and the “app is always there in their pocket” but so is my gym card but I don’t go… ever!


The wider impact of Facebook Home

Breaking news!!! Facebook have made an OS… oh, you already know? Everyone knows and everyone has an opinion. I do think there are elements of game changing to be done by Facebook, especially in emerging countries. This post focuses on how this Social OS could have a wider impact on mobile development from apps to devices. It short and sweet but gets you thinking…


Smartphone paid search CPCs were 46% cheaper than desktop in Q1: report

Notice a little trend here? The end of the first Quarter is done, meaning we get loads of stats to chew through! I think the title tells it all but this is another one to get you thinking, could your PPC be cheaper and more effective if you targeted mobiles only? I’m sure the guys down stairs (our search team) would have a lot to say on this, would love to hear your thoughts guys!


Firefox OS Developer Phones Sold Out After First Few Hours On Sale, But More Are On The Way

Some of you might not even know this but firefox do have an OS and it will be released soon. For me this is a bit of a weird one, I just don’t know who would buy them. Perhaps those that are Firefox aficionados,  I’m not convinced. What about you? >


Mobile apps are life’s new remote controls
Turn on your washing machine while out on the road with Samsungs new life remote! Never again spend the day worrying whether you left the lights on thanks to Philips Hue lights! All of this sounds like it’s from the future but it’s not, it’s now. This post looks into the products that are connected to devices and questions whether we will be totally connected in the future. I can see it coming, but it will take time.


The best of the rest:

Have you seen that Lytro camera that you can alter focus on after you’ve take a shot? Well theres an app for that now!

Fancy a pizza and a few game of fifa? Well you can combine the two, order pizzas from your xbox!

Old school arcade fighters are back. This one looks ace

Top Android Apps this week

Top Apple apps this week

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