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Watson Mobile – Sam’s Mobile Roundup: Issue #3

Facebook home:

Yesterday Facebook announced the launch of their new android OS wrapper “Facebook home”. It will be available to download from the 12th April on the Google play store and the Home device (HTC one) will be released in the US on the same day.

What, who, why, when?

Facebook identified 25% of all of their traffic comes from mobile and saw that as a 25% loss in advertising revenue so decided to make an operating system to make up for it. It is a great example of how data influences global strategic decisions and also gives Facebook an even better chance of capturing the audiences of emerging markets. Through creating a device they could just give it away and allow audiences to connect whilst constantly capturing data and using this to create incredibly targeted advertising based on phone behaviour. Watch this space.

Anyway, its big noise. Everyone will hate and then embrace. Check out these pics, videos and reviews below.

Great summary but also designers check out how they showed the large images, good no? Link

User interface: Link 

Video “hands on”: Link

Could facebook connect the world?: Link


Kids corner:

I’m a massive kid, 6’5” in fact, and I do wish these were around when I were a lad. The mobile device is quickly taking over the TV as the surrogate parent at home, rather than putting on Cbeebies parents are turning to their devices. These are two great examples of child engagement, one Video Game Help Treat Kids With Chronic Pain and the other is taking story telling from the dad to the tablet… StorEbook: reads kids stories and does the voices too!

What next, an app that tucks you in?!



Everyone loves data, even big kids like me, the two articles below show us some stats that could influence the next decisions we make for ours, and your, online strategies. Android topping the US phone market by 52% could get a lot more once the new Facebook phone comes out and 80 per cent of mobile time spent in apps is another great stat from Flurry.



It’s a big week for women in Gaming as the GDC held some specific talks and events on women in the gaming industry. Sony have requested more female developers to work on the PS4 and several thought leaders held a debate on gender equality in gaming which is an interesting read.

Torsten Reil, CEO of Natural Motion gives a great interview on how we can create a world-leading games economy in the UK, an export I would definitely welcome and would love to be a part of!

Finally this is a great read for anyone that is pro gaming (is that a thing?)  arguing that “violent games don’t make violent people” and “gaming are a valid form of media” this ten point blog post summarises each point and may help you in any argument situation with your peers, colleagues, clients and bosses! Check it out.


App stores

Appstore update 3rd april (iOS) 

Android apps of the week

Google play store up for a redesign?


Featured article: Thanks to Alastair Hodgson for bringing this article to my attention. As mobile usage grows its obvious that accessibility is going to become more and more important and this article gives great insight into what its like being blind and using an Android Device. Link





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