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Watson Mobile – Sam’s Mobile Roundup: Issue #1

Watson Mobile? is a new regular feature in which I’ll be rounding up all the latest news and features from the world of mobile.

Here’s this week’s installment…

  1. Android Apps of the week – Tamagotchi, Die Hard, and More
  2. Financial times web app – is this the future of content based “apps”
  3. 9 Excellent Apps For Discovering New Things
  4. Android “Neural Network”? – How Google Retooled Android With Help From Your Brain
  5. Sony announces PlayStation app that enables a smartphone or tablet to become a second screen for PlayStation 4 gaming
  6. LG demos dual-recording feature on the Optimus G Pro
  7. Apple’s iPhone 5 Passes Samsung Galaxy S3 in Q4 Global Sales
  8. New touchy-feely tech will let you feel others through your phone
  9. Windows App roundup: Time savers and time wasters
  10. Apple App store roundup
  11. Google Reportedly In Talks With Warby Parker To Design Stylish Google Glass Frames
  12. Game Analytics Opens To The Game Developing Masses, Raises $2.5M From Sunstone Capital, CrunchFund, And Others

App payment special

  1. Real Racing 3 freemium switch sparks online anger from fans
  2. iPhone app ‘could have landed parents with £200 bill’

Gaming news

  1. Space team app review
  2. Top 10 iOS games for 10 top sporting events
  3. Nvidia strikes first blow in ‘next-gen’ graphics race with GeForce GTX Titan
  4. Veteran video game developer Kenji Eno dies at 42

Watson your mobile?

Each week I will ask a member of the twentysix team to summarise their favourite app to share with the rest of the agency.

Guy HunsworthGuy Hunsworth – Account Director:

I have had a free trial of Sky Go Extra last couple of weeks and been really good, basically downloaded a load of stuff from On Demand when connected to WIFI at home and then watched them while I was away – no internet connection required.

 You can have it installed on 4 devices and it’s well easy to use!

That’s all for this week.

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