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The eight talks we won’t be missing at DMEXCO 2018

We’re heading to DMEXCO – the “meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation” held in Cologne, Germany – for the second time this year and we can’t wait! Attending on both the 12 and 13 September, our Senior Business Development Manager, Amy Johnson, has volunteered to take you through which talks to go to at DMEXCO and where you’ll find her in between events. Take it away, Amy:

This is my first time at DMEXCO and I’m super excited to be attending alongside our Group Head of Display, Chris Tate, and our Affiliate Account Executive, Alex Jackson. The agenda looks jam packed with innovation, big brands, expert agencies and providers alike. We’re going to top-up our knowledge on the latest trends and technologies and hopefully to meet some of you lot!

We’ve scoured the programme to make sure we get the most out of the two days so here are the talks I recommend for a mind-blowing DMEXO:

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

1. Living in a vertical world – Jim Squires, Head of Business & Media at Instagram

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, which includes content from brands and businesses. Observing the rapid evolution of the way people create, share and consume content, Jim Squires will explore implications for marketers on the explosion of mobile video and messaging, including formats like Instagram Stories and Shopping.

With the rise of influencers, shop-able links and the introduction of IGTV, we’re seeing more and more clients looking to invest in Instagram to increase their social media acquisition. This talk will be great to get up to speed with new updates and learn how personal brands are using the channel to buy, interact and build their own brand.

2. The next mission in marketing – Phillip Markmann, CMO at L’Oreal Deutschland

We are in the midst of a new Era of Marketing. It´s overwhelming: What once was set in stone is slowly fading away. But, hey, how great is that? Everything can be re-organized and re-invented – that´s the dynamic attitude of three CMOs of top brands.

Marketing is forever changing but working at an agency means we get beta updates and news before consumers do. I’d recommend this talk to get some great nuggets of information in the latest technology and that all-important data management.

3. How the World’s Biggest Brands are Leading the Digital Revolution and Taking Customer Confidence to a new Level – Stewart Maurer, VP of Marketing at Crownpeak

Consumers are demanding more now – they want brands to deliver transparent, responsible, and inclusive experiences that demonstrate respect and empathy. In this panel, you’ll hear from leaders of Toyota, Unilever and Shell on how they’re taking customer trust to a new level by focusing on the quality of the digital experience.

As a marketer you want to keep your finger on the pulse in terms of what big brands are doing to lead the way; this talk will be great to give a range of examples across different industries as to how some of the world’s leading brands are pushing us all forward.

4. ‘Generation Z’ – Address the right target group despite digital oversupply – Katja Albrecht, CXO at an IBM Company

Digital oversupply and increasing individualisation are creating gigantic challenges for brands and their offerings. Especially with the latest ‘Generation Z’. There are no secret recipes, no wisdom. Instead, the participants will get to know the opinion of their future customers: We asked ‘Zetties’ what they thought of selected brands. Based on the results, we show approaches how brands can communicate at eye level with ‘Generation Z.

Born in 2000 or after, in a world full of technology and digitalisation, how can we target this new generation as they become our new workforce, making decisions that will shape our future and having access to disposable income.  This talk will highlight what’s important to this social group, the challenges they pose and face and how we can deliver the products / services they want to buy.

5. Accountable and transparent: how affiliate marketing is breaking the mould – Kevin Edwards, Global Client Strategy Director at Awin AG

It’s time to showcase the power of affiliate marketing. Awin delves into the affiliate industry to uncover the size and scale of a channel in which advertisers invest more than €12bn annually, and the driving force behind almost 10% of global ecommerce. In an age of fading brand loyalties, the affiliate channel offers retailers the opportunity to engage their next customer through a wide variety of promotional methods and with minimal financial risk.

With discounts and offers on every TV screen, website, radio and print, we’re always on the look-out for where they can save money, get free delivery or even a free product. And if you don’t have an active affiliate marketing channel you’re missing out: I would recommend getting along to this talk.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

6. The principles of personalisation in digital advertising, Elliott Clayton, Senior Vice President, Media UK at Conversant

True personalisation should be about much more than showing the right product to a consumer segment. Personalising media at scale offers brands the opportunity to build deep and long lasting 1:1 relationships with consumers. Too often, retailers mistake personalisation as being about efficiency, and miss the true opportunity of massively increased scale.

With the world today becoming more and more technology and digital driven, how can we make the experience personal and make the individual feel as if the website or digital experience is tailored to them? Personalisation is a huge area of opportunity for brands and companies at the moment so I’d recommend going to this talk to understand why and how it can benefit your business.

7. Shoptimism: The New Retail Therapy – Eileen O’Mara, SVP EMEA Marketing at Salesforce

Saddled with massive investments in physical storefronts and legacy IT systems, it may seem impossible to crack the shopper loyalty code. The perception in the market is often focused reports of store closings, however retail’s future actually looks brighter than ever.

Shoptimism is a journey into the psychology of shopping from two sides of the cash register, the buy-side and the sell-side. This talk is key to understanding the psychology of buying and what brands and companies need to do to sell.

8. The Art and Science of Storytelling: How Technology Emboldens Creative Advertising – David Hillier, Creative Solutions Lead at Adform

How do we use creative to deliver great storytelling experiences? And, how do we utilize the technology at our disposal to leverage data and enhance storytelling? Join Adform’s Creative Solutions Lead, David Hillier, for a fun look at the different ways technology can generate powerful storytelling in advertising.

Content is everywhere: how can you stand out and how can you tell a story to build brand loyalty, awareness and generate sales. The event will give you the tips, tricks and science to tell great stories.

If you are also heading to the event, get in touch on LinkedIn. We would love to meet as many people as possible to talk about innovation, digital marketing and your current marketing challenges and gaps in knowledge or resource. See you there!


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