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My problem with wearable tech

IMAGE: Galaxy Gear by ViperSnake151

Or, “Why I’ll never buy an iWatch”… 

…is that it invariably replaces the wearables that we already have. But generally looks a hell of a lot worse and doesn’t offer that much more, if anything, than what we already have in our pockets.

I’ve spent so much money on wearable tech over the years, tech & money that has essentially been me as a technophile loving the idea of something new and shiny, only to weeks, if not days later discovering that I have to go back to what I had before, because the new thing for all its technology, functionality and geek-points, represents a product that I don’t want on my wrist!

Yes, I’m focussing very exclusively on the watchy-wearable market here, taking a wide berth on Glass and other face mounted garb.

My first visit to wearable-tech-land? That’ll be the Nike Sports Band which I synched with my Nike+ trainers and wore religiously at the gym, until the loose fit became so annoying as I thumped along the treadmill that I had to go back to my iPod.

My second foray? That was a few years back when I get one of the first edition Jawbone Ups. And that was a none-starter for everyone involved.

And then I went back to Nike again and tried their first Fuelband. Which lasted all of about 9 days before I went back to my grown up watch, and gave the Fuelband away to someone who didn’t mind having watches on both hands. And looking a bit ridiculous.

I guess my problems lies in the fact that I love watches as much (if not more) as I love gadgets, and I’m not willing to give up the beauty of my wrist watch for the alternative — a glassy lump of plastic with limited battery life and the same functionality as my phone — have we honestly got so lazy that we can’t be bothered to put our hands in our pockets?

It’s for this reason that there is no chance that Apple, as much as I’m a self-confessed Apple fan boy, or anyone else for that matter, will ever draw me with a wearable tech product that sits on my wrist — and why it shouldn’t draw you either!

As for pedometers, if anyone out there wants an idea which appeals to someone with a love of watches with hands? I suggest you build something that will fit the ring on the underside of my Rolex/Omega/Tag/IWC, etc. And please make it roughly the same colour. I’d buy that for a dollar. Or probably even 99.

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