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Marin Masters London 2015 Review

We recently attended the Marin Masters event in London. There were numerous great speakers from a number of large companies, as well as Marin representatives themselves giving us an update on what to expect in the next twelve months.

There were various topics discussed but key subjects which came up repeatedly were mobile, cross-channel targeting and using big data to make decisions. All of this focused on targeting the right audiences.

It was really interesting to hear different people’s opinions and experiences. There was also a panel of Marin clients who each discussed the approach they take for their accounts, including Trainline, Mr Porter and CapitalOne.

There were some interesting stats presented on the day by various speakers with a lot of the focus being on mobile. I’ve summarised below some of the key stats mentioned:-

  • 55% of time spent online is through smartphones or tablets
  • 60% of people use 2 or more devices, 25% use 3 or more
  • 3.1 million apps available but 75% of time is spent on just 4 of these apps
  • Last year Black Friday saw 50% of in-store sales influenced by mobile (not too sure how this was measured)
  • Many speakers felt there was still a lot of opportunities on mobile as the growth of activity on mobile was much higher than the mobile ad spend
  • Mobile advertising is up 51% year on year with a fairly equal increase from Search and Display
  • Digital ad spend has grown 13% year on year with Display seeing the largest growth at 27%
  • Spam and irritating ads are still a large issue for many advertisers when deciding how much to invest in Display, but interruptive ad formats only account for 1% of all Display ads
  • Travel and transport is the top Display sector with Consumer Goods second

As well as mobile, much of the day was spent talking about how you target the right audience and in what way? There was very little mention of keywords and instead the discussion was around Who? Where? What? Why? When?

Gone are the days of using a targeted keyword list and hoping you’ve done your best. It was interesting to see that all speakers were fixated on targeting the right audience, at the right time, on the right device, in the right location.

Targeting people on a certain day and at the right time of day, whilst also considering where they are and what sort of device they are using, ultimately, is going to help us all achieve a better converion rate. Although these are aspects of our accounts we are always thinking about, it was great to see this is now thought of as the standard approach, across many different advertisers.

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Marin also discussed some of their upcoming enhancements. A key change will be the new Platform Infrastructure which will mean quicker data, a revamped user interface and real time data. They also discussed a focus on better alignment with Shopping campaigns and campaigns on the GDN.

They also mentions that Smartsync, which has helped the management and build of Bing campaigns, will be expanding to Yahoo and Yandex.

For social there are some huge opportunities coming with Importing Facebook and the ability to manage Dynamic Product Ads within Marin.

It was a great day which ended in the best possible way with the awards ceremony. We picked up the Search and Healthcare award for the work we’ve done with BMI Healthcare using Marin Software.

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