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How well do you understand your user’s online behaviour?

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Consumer behaviour is very different when research and purchasing online to offline for many brands throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Luckily Google and their partners undertake numerous studies throughout the year which produce valuable insights for us at twentysix to study, analyse and incorporate with our clients.

One such tool which Google have just recently updated is their Consumer Barometer website which has been created to help us understand how people use the internet across the world.

Essentially the site has two sections which are the insights section and the graph builder where you can build your own analysis and delve deeper into insights which are relevant to your brand.


What we are going to look at are some of the insights that as a Digital Marketer you should be looking into when developing and optimising your website.

The Multiscreen World

Laptops, PC’s, Mac’s, Tablets, smartphones and more what’s your flavour? Do you use just the one or are you one of millions who are connected to multiple devices and use them throughout your daily life?

Did you know the UK is actually one of the top multiscreen nations in the Globe? On average in the UK each person is connected to at least 3 different devices!


What’s that you want more?

Well out of those three devices, 40% of the UK are using tablets when using the internet.


And in UK alone 68% of people are using a Smartphone yet this is still far behind countries like Singapore where the number is closer to 85%!


Have you ever thought about that when optimising your site for different screen sizes? Have you even started developing a responsive site to accommodate different devices? (Yes we still see big brands with only desktop compatible sites)

These are all questions you should be asking and answering to provide your users with the best online experience especially when mobile usage is still on the rise for a large number of sites with both tablet and Smartphone use making up over 50% of a websites traffic.


But how often and why do your users use the internet?

Google have highlighted that 85% of the UK uses the internet on a daily basis whether for business or personal use but looking at how this affects you as a business is what we need to see.

Well 62% of UK internet users are actually using the internet for online research which in comparison to other countries like South Korea is pretty low but still asks the question are your users finding the right information on your site?


That sounds great right?  Sure but how many are actually converting?

Well the UK actually has one of the lowest percentages of users who purchase through a Smartphone with only 14% making an online purchase!


Do you know the difference between what devices convert on your website and which are performing the best?

Quick Activity – Head to your analytics software take a look in devices and see how desktop, mobile and tablet use has changed over the past month, now look over the past 3 months, 6 months and the last year, have you adapted to any change?

Hint here it is in Google Analytics:


Ok so users are using multiple devices no real surprise there but what are users actually doing on those different devices and how does that impact your online performance?

Whether you want to look at device conversion rates, visits, time on site or device bounce rates there is plenty of information available to help you build a thorough analysis of how your users are using your website.

At twentysix we pride ourselves in giving our clients the right data to help further develop their online proposition.

If you would like more information please get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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