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Guarding against change

Image credit: Bryantbob/Wikimedia Commons

Today The Guardian released the latest version of their iOS app. And in doing so have removed all interest in the app for me.

Whereas once the app allowed for quick news reading and scroll through of news, the new app has replaced that with what I can only conclude is pretty much a snazzy render of the website content – albeit with ads removed because I subscribe.

The Guardian

Hey The Guardian, this isn’t what I want. What I wanted was less spelling mistakes in your articles. What I wanted was a fix for the bug where very occasionally a swipe failed to register in articles and you have to come out of the section and article before you dropped back in. What I wanted was evolution and fixes. Not a throwaway of everything that was good and worked, in the hope of achieving better UX. The app doesn’t need to be the website, they can exist as separate entities.

And the UX that’s better? It isn’t.

The politics section I loved? Not easily findable anymore, had to go searching for it. The sections in general? I can now add as many as I want – brilliant, except now the homepage is sprawling with articles and more importantly, with large imagery that I don’t want. As for the usability, well swiping continues to jump between articles, unless of course if you manage to get anywhere near the far left side of the screen, then the app might reveal a menu, which you don’t want. As for the new icons, they look either misplaced, mis-sized, or probably both. Oh, and in the advanced section of the settings? I can turn off sound. It’s a News app. Why would I want plinks and bings. Why?

I have no idea how much The Guardian has ploughed into this V3 app, but to me it seems wasted. Can I have my V2 app back please?

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