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Google to let users mute ads

What’s the story?

  • The BBC released an article titled Google’s pestering ads get ‘mute’ button whereby users now have the ability to reduce the volume of unwanted remarketing or “reminder ads”
  • Mute This Ad has been available since 2012, however this new advancement allows users to govern the remarketing ads they see more stringently
  • Users can now see who’s remarketing them in their Account under the heading “Your Reminder Ads”
  • Once a user mutes these ads, they will be replaced by other ads in their place; there is not the option to broadly mute all remarketing ads being shown
  • This will mute ads from this advertiser across all devices that their Google account is logged in on

Why is this important?

  • Users are ever more aware that they are being targeted through this format, whether they think it is unethical or if it is because they get overwhelmed with the rate of remarketing placed upon them
  • This change is important as it makes users feel like they have control over what they are being shown
  • Despite users having control over remarketing ads coming through Google Display Network, this will not affect remarketing from wider platforms
  • This update is expected to expand to include YouTube, Gmail and Search (RLSA) throughout 2018

How will it affect us?

  • There are positives and negatives around this advancement, however, one key factor will be that advertisers will understand more directly what users want to see and engage with whilst refining their target audience. Which in turn will realign budget and targeting to more conducive areas of the campaign
  • Despite users having an extra level of control over what they see, it will not affect the targeting and tracking efforts of the remarketing campaign
  • It is unknown whether advertisers will be able to receive a report on when users mute their ads yet or not

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