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Google Optimize + Adwords + Analytics Integration

We’re really excited about the Google Optimize and Adwords integration here at twentysix!

google optimize and google adwords integration

Google Analytics + Google Optimize

Google Optimize is already a pretty powerful optimisation tool (and we have used quite a few of optimisation tools!). What we particularly love about Google Optimize is its straightforward integration with Google Analytics analytics, which meant experimentation results can be analysed from analytics too.

google optimize targetingAnother aspect we love about Optimize is its incredible targeting capability. Using Google Optimize, we can target our campaigns using variables such as:

  • Urls
  • Behaviour
  • Geo-location
  • Technology used
  • Javascript variables
  • First party Cookie
  • Custom Javascript
  • Query Parameter
  • Data Layer variable


Google Adwords + Google Optimize

Now with the new ability to integrate with Adwords, it means we can test and personalize to keyword level. Targeting can be based at an:

  • Account level
  • Campaign level
  • Ad group level
  • Keyword level

By using a combination of these variables, we can serve highly-targeted personalised campaigns that aligns with cohorts of users in particular micro-moments. For example high-intent users who are in the process of a car-buying journey, their device preference  and their proximity to a nearby car dealership.

Supported Campaign Types

The Google Adwords and Google Optimize integration currently supports the following types of ad campaign types, with more support for other campaign types coming in the not so distant future:

  • Search capaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • And only search traffic from Search network campaigns (display traffic is excluded)

Google Adwords + Google Optimize + Google Analytics

analytics optimize adwords insights

As Analytics can already connect seamlessly with Google Optimize, and now with the ability to connect Adwords to Optimize, we think this is quite possibly the best optimization and acquisition stack ever as it helps us to derive richer insights, intelligently optimize paid campaigns in a much more targeted manner, ensuring improved conversions and better return on investment for our clients.

As always, ensure clear tracking and privacy policies, explicit user consent and GDPR compliance.

Come speak to us and find out more about how our integrated approach can help drive performance for your business.

Image by: Hannah Morgan, Unsplash

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