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Google Moves To 4 Top Ads

Now Google has made the decision to move 4 paid search ads above the organic listings what impact will this have?

Our initial assumptions are that we expect to see an increase in CPCs. Moving to 4 ads above the organic listings will mean that the premium real estate on Google will now come at an increased cost, no longer will average position 5 mean visibility ‘above the fold’ on the SERPs. Now being in the top 4 positions could mean the difference between getting success or failure from your PPC campaigns as traffic will drop off now position 5 adverts are at the bottom of the SERP.

The news isn’t all bad as we now have an additional slot above the organic listings to produce richer PPC adverts which can:

  • Show all ad extensions, increasing paid advert real estate
  • Extended headlines where description line 1 is pulled into the advert headline
  • Show the Display URL in the headline
  • Write description lines 1 and 2 to show as a complete sentence

Ultimately Google have created a more competitive marketplace whereby CPCs will increase which will inevitable result in higher CPAs, how much an effect this is likely to create is yet to be see. Now more than ever it is important that keyword bids are optimised and that most profitable keywords still visible ‘above the fold’.

The biggest impact this will have will be on organic traffic now there are even more adverts pushing the elusive #1 organic listing further down the page.

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