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Ascend 2018 and the two new product launches we’re super excited about

Our Head of Business Development, Nikki, was in London last week for Episerver’s annual conference, Ascend. This is what she got up to:

We’re one of Episerver’s Premium Partners and we have the largest certified Episerver development team in the UK so we were understandably excited to head to Ascend 2018 last week!

As a newbie to the agency AND the world of digital, I hadn’t known what to expect and was blown away by the quality of the whole event. The opportunity to meet so many of the Episerver team, along with a raft of potential new clients, was fantastic.

We set up our partner area early to make the most of the event. Our fantastic illustrator, Sophie Ellis, ensured a constant flow of visitors for us to engage with as people queued to get their live, personalised illustration.

The talks were tailored to the different audiences with everything from high-level overviews of Episerver functionality, to case studies of brilliant uses of the products, through to tech-heavy sessions for developers only. I did, at one point, make the mistake of finding myself in the Development track(!) and, while I promptly realised there’s a reason I work in Business Development, I did keep the ‘Top Dev’ t-shirt.


Our very own Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Jones, gave a great demonstration of our user experience capabilities in his live seminar: Driving website performance with human centred design. He showed off the features of our new biometric lab with a live example of how you can better understand the journey that your users go through on your website, with real results.

The whole day was a fantastic way to learn more and meet new people. It was fully entertaining! Frustrated at not winning the fastest lap on the Scalextric or managing to grab a balloon animal, our team still left excited about all of brilliant features we’re going to be able to build for our clients in 2018.

Here are two AI-fuelled launches to watch out for in 2018:

1. Episerver Advanced
Episerver Advanced is calling Advanced ‘the next level of understanding human behaviour’. It’s an intelligent content personalisation tool that uses algorithms to make your users’ experiences and content better.

Episerver have seen incredible results with Advanced, reporting a 157% increase in page views, a 156% decrease in bounce rate and, crucially, a 217% increase in revenue! A large part of the product launched in March this year and they’ll be phasing the release of the rest of it throughout 2018.

2. Intelligent campaigns
This product is personalised campaigning like you’ve never seen it before. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to take your mass communications and turn it into individual interactions while responding to real-time events. So far, Intelligent campaigns have seen a 35% increase in open rates and they anticipate that this will increase further when GDPR is enforced on 25 May.

It’ll be launching at some point during the year and we can’t wait to test it out!

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