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Last night during the Italy – Uruguay match, Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini, his third victim to date. Joining the global conversation on Twitter, football fans, spectators and brands showed the true power of Twitter in the face of controversy and comedy.

As the video went viral on YouTube, the Twitter buzz heightened and brands realised the potential to capitalise on the event using real time tweets. Snickers, Bud Light and The Welsh Blood Service are a few of the most successful brands.
Perfectly positioned with their tagline ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’, less than 3 hours after the event happened Snickers released this viral image on Twitter.

You’re not you when you’re hungry, ey Suarez

With 30,031 retweets and 12,562 favourites- it’s a genius brand move.

Bud Light added their contribution to the global conversation just two hours after the bite with ‘Relax, they’re twist off. #biting #ITAvsURU.’ 899 tweets and 992 favourites later they’ve reached over 100x more interactions than their usual content achieves

Bud light takes a bite of the action

Another third brand that created a visual just three hours after the event was US cereal brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch tweeting ‘Biting is only okay when you’re made of cinnamon and sugar’ #BanSuarez #WorldCup.

Suarez is a cereal biter.

Suarez is a cereal biter


JC Penney, US Department store also released a clever visual of a vampire dressing up outfit for children tapping into the vampire related memes; ‘Fangs for the memories, Uruguay #URU.’

Good use of the Pun JC!

Good use of the Pun JC!

Many brands contributed without visuals. In Uruguay, McDonald’s tweeted that Suarez should be taking a bite of a Big Mac if he was hungry. Trident Gum quickly added their contributed ‘Chew Trident. Not Soccer players. #ITAvsURU’.

Trident's Try

Trident’s Try

However our favorite tweet with a serious message is Welsh’s Blood Service’s tweet this morning, ‘We don’t bite. Promise.’

We don’t bite

The brand winners in the face of this controversy are those that have been inventive, acted in real time and produce creative content that could ride on the viral wave of conversation.


Alice Oakford, Social Media Account Manager

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