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Not all heroes wear capes

When you think ‘digital campaign’, a lot of people want online assets that appeal to a small audience, have a limited shelf life and require huge builds; budget that would get a man to the moon and back; and months of painstaking work.

But, what if the campaign has build issues? Can you keep within budget? What happens if you don’t get coverage? By putting all of your eggs in one niche, expensive basket you heighten your risk.

Digital campaigns are all about building authority back to your site and gaining links. But sometimes it’s better to do things without a big bang. Below are a few tips on how to quietly achieve the same objectives the unfashionable way:

Link gap
This is a simple approach that will allow you to gain more authority to your site and won’t cost an arm and a leg!

First of all, get yourself a link gap analysis (a great tool for this is ‘Link Intersect’ by Ahrefs). A link gap analysis looks at which domains are linking to your competitors and not yourself. Then, email those domains to simply explain why you feel a link to your site should be added. Before you know it: more links!

Expert comment
You’re an expert in your sector so make use of this! Try newsjacking – essentially looking at what’s newsworthy and reactively offering expert opinion or comment. This is a great tactic to gain links and citations cheaply and easily.

Campaign restoration
Sometimes the world is against you and a campaign simply doesn’t perform the way you’d expect, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Sometimes you already have a gem that simply needs polishing; tactics like amending a creative asset or taking a new angle on a press release can reap huge rewards and are far more time and cost effective than starting over.

Good, bad or ugly, it’s a fact that you’re going to be mentioned in the press, but how can you take advantage of that?

Approach journalists that have written positive pieces about you. Building a relationship with them gets you on their radar and gives you a free chance of gaining a link without having to produce the content.

And, even if you don’t get a link you’ve gained a contact for a future campaign.


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Image: NHS Blood and Transplant

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