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Why the Google Marketing Platform is more than just a name change


As a Google Premier Partner and a recognised Google Analytics Certified Services Partner agency, we’re always keeping abreast on new updates from Big G. There’s been some interesting developments recently, specifically on the advertising and analytics front, and we’re pretty excited about them:

  • DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 are unified into the Google Marketing Platform brand (with changes to DoubleClick Search, DCM, DBM and more)
  • Google is sun-setting the Google Adwords brand to become Google Ads
  • And DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are consolidated under the new name, Google Ad Manager.

Why this is happening

Google has stated that these changes were necessary to simplify the products, making it easier for organisations to choose and manage the solutions that are right for them, regardless of the size of their business. From our point of view, we think this move will also enable greater collaboration between acquisition and analytics teams to manage activity within one singular platform.

Overview of the changes

We’ve summarised the changes below, along with what we’re expecting to see for each of them:

DoubleClick ad products and Analytics 360 unified under Google Marketing Platform

What this means:

  • This is a pretty big one. More than just a name change and a new logo, this consolidation provides a singular platform for marketers to manage ad activities such as planning and buying as well as measurement and optimisation of ads and experiences, in one place.
  • Google will also be investing further and bringing together DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners and Google Analytics Certified Partners into the new Google Marketing Platform Partners. As a partner agency, we’re really looking forward to the new requirements and benefits that we can use to help produce results for our clients. Some of these benefits include training and product launch updates as well as partner events.


twentysix Google Marketing Platform Partners


The Google Marketing Platform will be able to support more than a 100 integrations with other technologies, enabling more control. There are also more product renames:

  • DoubleClick Search is now known as Search Ads 360
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center is now combined under Display & Video 360 – these changes aren’t sudden, customers will be transitioned over as more features become available.
  • Most importantly, this platform is a solution to help advertisers achieve marketing objectives whilst putting consumer privacy first. More on this in the livestream keynote.

More info:


Google Adwords to Become Google Ads

What this means:

  • With a fresh new logo and the introduction of a new campaign type, the aim of Google Ads is to make it less daunting for businesses of all sizes to get started with online advertising. For example, small businesses can use the new default experience called Smart Campaigns in Google Ads. This combines machine learning technology that enables rapid, easy-to-use ad-creation, which can be deployed in minutes. Google will also be introducing more campaign types which will be announced soon.

More info:


Google Ad Manager – the new name forĀ  DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange

What this means:

  • For those monetizing content, DFP and AdX are consolidated under the new name Google Ad Manager. Google Ad Manager brings together the features from these 2 tools under one programmatic platform, for a more seamless, simplified and efficient experience.

More info:


What this means for clients

With an ever-evolving search, data and ad landscape, Google’s new changes provide the tools needed to address these challenges while enabling the delivery of great experiences, effective marketing and positive ROI for clients. Plus, with the tighter controls, it seems Google wants organisations to be reassured and confident that ad activity respects brands, users and advertisers. Workflows will also become much more integrated, enabling analytics and acquisition teams to collaborate and share insights quicker which, in turn, translates into added value and revenue growth for clients.


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Trent Y. is theĀ Analytics & Conversion Director at twentysix. Analytics, usability and conversion strategies. Loves coffee, interested in how data and technology can positively impact our lives. “Learn fast, learn often.”

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