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TV Ads Set To Go Programmatic Via DoubleClick DSP

Google announced some big news on Monday, you will soon be able to buy TV advertising inventory via DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) in the US. They have announced they will be integrating with WideOrbit, Clypd and Google Fiber (with plans to sign up further big broadcasters) to provide inventory across national, local and addressable channels. Currently addressable TV, which allows you to target a specific TV with a specific anonymised household profile, only takes up a small percentage of targeting. Now, this may have more scope for development in the future.

In a blog post, Director of Product Management at Google wrote, “With their inventory now available through DoubleClick Bid Manager, television networks, and station owners get access to new types of buyers, such as advanced TV buying groups in agencies, digital-first advertisers, and even global advertisers. Many of these buyers already use DoubleClick, but until now, have had limited access to US TV audiences.”

Marketers have been able to buy TV ads programmatically in the past but this is the first major DSP to start plugging into this inventory, as it has previously been limited to small exchanges. The test that was announced on Monday, will be one of the first reintroductions of TV ad buying for Google since the company discontinued its ‘Google TV Ads program’ on AdWords in 2012 after it failed to impress.

Google’s DoubleClick tool will soon enable marketers to manage both digital and TV advertising via the same platform, simplifying the process of running campaigns between online and offline media. This impact-based tool will allow you to plan, buy and measure your audience on TV content on any device. Furthermore allowing you to measure if a user searched for the advertised brands on YouTube or Google after they have viewed the ad. This further bridges the gap between performance and ABTL advertising.

While DBM users already have the option and ability to reach audiences through connected digital platforms, live and on-demand, the latest announcement transitions beyond this to enable advertisers the ability to buy traditional TV ad space with the added function of measurement tools.

Internal testing will take place at Google in the coming weeks and they are not alone, late last year Facebook announced that it is testing ad delivery on internet-connected TV platforms such as Apple TV and Roku.

At twentysix we think this is a great opportunity for TV advertisers. This brings measurement and accountability to traditional media. This will also help move TV towards a more direct response model as marketers try to tailor ads to individuals. In recent years the growth of technology, data and Programmatic advertising has decreased the cost of display advertising. The growth of programmatic display has also increased the relevance of ads. We expect that this will also make TV advertising more cost effective and measurable by reducing the power of TV networks on rates and make traditional media more accountable.

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