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Conversion Rate Optimisation can add value to businesses of any type. Whether your goal is to increase revenue, number of downloads, video plays or registrations, investing in Conversion Rate Optimisation can be used to identify issues on your website and make improvements.

Small, simple changes can result in an increased conversion rate, improved user engagement and customer retention. Below you will find a list of the top ways of how you can increase your business’ performance just by spending some time analysing and testing your website.

Visual Website Optimizer Test

Graph from Visual Website Optimiser showing the uplift in conversion rate on client’s website.

Consumer Behaviour

By monitoring your users’ activity in more detail, you will have a deeper understanding of their behaviour – how they use your website and what they want to achieve from using it. Do they want the process to be quick and simple with no distractions or do they need more information and extra guidance before making a decision? Is your product actually what they need?

A high bounce rate may indicate that your page is symptomatic of poor page relevance and is ineffective at convincing your users to remain on the site or proceed to the next desired outcome.

Types of Testing

There are two main tests that can be carried out – an A/B Test where 2 entirely different web pages are tested against each other or a Multivariate Test which tests the performance of single elements against each other in a combination of ways. There are many different options within these methods meaning that whatever your strategy requirements, you will find a testing solution.


The tests are extremely flexible and only need to be carried out over a short period of time therefore there is minimal impact on the rest of the business. Tests need to run until statistical significance for a minimum of 14 days (to capture two instances of work week and weekend buying behaviour). Dependent on strategy and page type, you can run different tests concurrently without affecting each other, meaning you can stay agile in your testing campaigns and maximise the benefits in the same period of time.

Test Small Changes

If you decide that you want to test a new layout, text style, images, content, promotional offers or even dynamic pricing you can do this through testing. You can run tests initially to find out how the visitors respond to these changes and if there are positive results you can then decide whether or not to implement them permanently.

For example, if you have a low conversion rate on forms for registration or the payment process you can test different layouts such as a simplified option with no distractions testing against a layout which guides the user through the process with extra information and links. This ensures that you only implement successful enhancements.

User Segmentation

Users can be segmented in various ways such as demographics, if they are a new or returning customer and source. If users have come from PPC, affiliates, email or social media channels you can target them with specific messages and offers. You can also use this data to personalise the customer journey for returning visitors which will improve customer retention and loyalty.

Use Results to Improve Your Product Inventory

High performing pages can be identified using Google Analytics data and then successful elements from these pages can then be implemented elsewhere on the site. Low performing pages should be identified and tested improvements then made to these pages. It could be that there are design flaws or technical issues on certain pages but it could also indicate that there is an issue with the actual products.

For example, do you sell the product that the visitor is looking for? Do you provide all variations of the product such as size and colour? Do you provide enough products in each category? Is there an error that has been missed when selecting a product option? This analysis could identify these issues and assist in helping you build your product inventory.

Identify Business Issues

By determining where visitors are abandoning your site and using customer feedback, you could also uncover any possible issues with the general business.

For example, is the product too expensive? Are your delivery costs too high? Are customers receiving satisfactory support? Do you offer the same service as your competitors?

Improve Payment Confidence

If your website is transactional, find out if your customers are happy with your payment methods and whether the user feels confident making a payment your site. You can test making different payment methods available, including PayPal or Google Checkout, particularly if you are a new business which is less well-known as the user will need extra reassurance when using the site.

Adding payment security icons and more information about this will make users feel safe and secure and will improve the likelihood of them purchasing from your website. If users are required to submit personal information on your site give details of how you will use the data and how you intend to protect it.

Discover how visitors use your site

Heat maps can be used to see where users are clicking on your pages. This will aid in the design of your website such as deciding where to display specific products, finding elements where users are clicking that are not actually clickable and reordering navigation options for example.


Example of heat map. Image taken from Visual Website Optimizer

Improve Site Speed

By changing elements of your website you can improve the site speed, reducing the risk of users leaving due to a slow-loading page and therefore increasing the propensity to convert. Just an extra few seconds added to the page load speed can result in a customer becoming frustrated and abandoning a page or even payment process.

By testing and making the right adjustments you can increase your visitors’ time spent on the website, conversion rate and user engagement, potentially leading to improved customer loyalty and an increase in revenue.

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