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Shorten URL strings with the twentysix Domain Maker

Handy Domain Maker for Microsoft Excel 

This is a tool for anyone who works with link data on a regular basis, and needs the domain from many URL strings.

With this add-in all you have to do is press Ctrl+shift+D and any URL you’ve highlighted is zapped into a domain – easy!

I work with link data almost every day, and it frustrates me that the domain isn’t part of most databases exports. Most sources (both free and paid for) don’t provide a root domain to reference. This is especially annoying if you’re working from Bing Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console data, and you end up with long lists of individual pages.

Whether you’re trying to group backlinks by domain, or doing a URL audit on a big site, this tool will save you time and a lot of repetitive labour.

Normally to turn a list of URLs into domains you’d have to do a series of find and replace tasks. E.g.:

  1. Find “http://” replace with “”
  2. Find “https://” replace with “”
  3. Find “www.” replace with “”
  4. Find “ftp://” replace with “”
  5. Find “/*” replace with “”

So I use a bit of visual basic that does these procedures faster than humanly possible, and takes the chore away with just one macro shortcut.

This will be useful to anyone working in SEO, so I thought I’d share it. It’s easy to install (see below) and becomes a permanent part of your Excel. Converting URL strings will become a simple reflex after a few goes.


How to use:

  • Highlight any cell, or column of cells
  • Press Ctrl+shift+D
  •  Any URLs should now be converted to domains!


How to install:

  • Download excel add-in file by clicking the image link below
  • Move it to your add-in folder, usually something along the lines of C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns
  • Double click the file to open it with excel
  • It should now load up every time you open excel, unless you disable or remove it again via the add-ins menu


User Tips

  • As a safeguard the process stops when it meets an empty cell, so remember to account for gaps in your data
  • This tool makes URLs into domains, there’s no tool which can easily make subdomains into root domains
  • If you’re working in a sheet with formulas in its best to switch calculations to manual, or Excel will try and calculate after every loop

Click below to download the twentysix Domain Maker

xlam-file dowload

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