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New AdWords Quality Score

Google are continuing to improve the AdWords interface and provide more information that us, the experts, can utilise in order to optimise accounts as granular as possible. Welcome, new and historical Quality Score columns!

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The new keyword Quality Score columns include Expected CTR, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience instead of having to hover over the original Quality Score column. Whilst the historical columns encompass the original and new Quality Score columns.

old quality score

First off it is worth mentioning that historical data goes back to January 22nd 2016 leaving plenty of room for comparison. These columns show the last known score in the selected date range, whilst the original Quality Score column will continue to show the current score to date despite potentially looking at a different date range.

new quality score columns

These seven reporting columns enables us to enhance performance in the most granular fashion and also exposes any quick-wins such as improving ad relevance.

My personal thoughts are:

This is a very useful update which will hopefully make it a lot more streamlined to determine areas of an account that need focus. As an agency, these metrics will be useful in being completely transparent with clients in areas that need developing and also accentuating the impact of our optimisation efforts have on the account – for both past and future data – especially if they have campaign specific KPIs.

One thing I do wish was visible is a comparison column. This could make filtering through masses of keywords more time efficient. Other than that I am really looking forward to using the new Quality Score columns and seeing the effect they will have on account performance.

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