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How our health audit will get you in better shape online

How our health audit will get you in better shape online

It’s a competitive world, no matter what  field you’re in. And with such fierce competition to grab consumers’ attention the search marketing industry is under more pressure than ever to perform.  That’s why at twentysix we believe that regular health checks are an essential part of keeping our clients’ search marketing in tip top shape.

This is especially crucial because search accounts (paid and organic) can be affected on a daily basis and even a simple audit can help you to pinpoint gaps in the market that you could exploit.

We’re a proud Google partner so we’ve used our in-depth knowledge to put together a six point guide to why a free twentysix health audit to take your online marketing to a whole new level.


Stay one step ahead of Google Updates

The Google algorithm is in constant flux and new updates can impact the performance of your website. We’ll find out if they have and recommend how you can protect yourself from future risk.


Spot opportunities in your market

Every day Google detect around 25% new search queries that have never been seen before. Regular health checks can discover new keyword opportunities for you.  With new sites coming into the market and others dropping out competitor monitoring is also vital if you want to maintain maximum visibility.


Identify new products and services to optimise your site

Google provide regular updates to their products and services which help webmasters detect issues and optimise their websites. They’ve also recently revamped their webmaster guidelines and updated the Google Search Console and it’s essential to use these new tools as and when they become available. A good example is the new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) section in the Google Search Console which lets you review and fix errors on these high speed mobile-optimised pages.


Keep up to speed on PPC engine updates

The world of paid search constantly changes – like the current switch to 4 PPC adverts above the organic listings. Measuring the impact of these changes and evolving your strategy to take advantage of them is vital if you want to stay ahead of your competitors in proactively optimising paid search accounts.


Get early access to beta products

Our direct relationship with Google means we get access to all the latest products and innovations which are currently being tested in beta. We can then present these opportunities to you and test and measure their impact on your online presence.


Get real results from active account management

Paid search activity accounts need constant attention. So our approach is to drive conversions and performance by investigating all opportunities and giving each account the highest propensity to convert into revenue or leads.  Our bid management solutions run every day examining the conversion data of every single keyword in the account and adjusting the bids accordingly. This level of accuracy means that every single one of your keywords is bidding at the optimal level every day of the year.

If you have any further questions or would like a health audit by twentysix search please e-mail me at

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