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Event Review – Google Partners Accelerate 2015

Our head of PPC, David McAndrew, reviews the 2015 Google Partners event that took place this October in Dublin.

A year goes by in a blink of an eye…

It was 12 months ago since twentysix were invited to the inaugural Google Partners summit at the Google European HQ in Dublin.

This year we were invited back.

The event promised to provide insight into how we, as a leading UK marketing agency, can bring new and innovative ideas back to our clients further enhancing our current campaign activity.

The event kicked off with a speech from Shane Nolan (Google Managing Director EMEA Sales). Shane’s presentation talked about how Google can elevate our marketing effort to the next level – maximising the moments that matter.

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The world of online media consumption is changing – we no longer ‘go online’ we now live online. We check our mobiles over 150 times each day! I don’t know of any other activity that I do over 150 times each day? It’s key now more than ever that we are able to deliver the right message, on the right device, at the right time!

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Throughout Day 1 of the event we saw presentations on ‘The Full Potential of Search’, ‘Reach The Right Audience’ and ‘Unlock the Power of Video’.

One of the presentations which was particularly timely with the launch of our new Display Advertising Channel was ‘Reach the Right Audience’. No longer is the customer funnel a linear journey, users don’t simply move from awareness to consideration to evaluation and so on. They jump into the funnel at any point and typically move up and down the funnel whilst on their online journey.

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How can we reach users throughout these phases? Programmatically buying audiences on the Google Display Network allows us to reach 95% of ad inventory.

However, to reach targeted audiences at scale it is essential that we have the right tools for the job. At twentysix we use the enterprise Display management tool DoubleClick. DoubleClick allows us to reach audiences outside of the Google Display Network utilising both 1st and 3rd party data sets.

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Through programmatic Display advertising we are able to harness the power of video.

In little over a year almost 70% of ALL online data traffic will be from video. That in itself is an amazing stat, it is also worth noting that 50% of YouTube traffic is from mobile. Sarah Byrne (Google Head of Agency, UKI) showed us some of the booming stats of what YouTube is delivering for UK businesses.

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YouTube can reach a larger audience on mobile than any other social network – the level of engagement is also higher on YouTube with a massive 18.5 minutes per session. This is a captive audience! Google are making a concerted effort in making YouTube more commercial for advertisers and especially for retailors with the release of Shopping Cards, which are overlaid on your product videos. This a great opportunity for E-commerce advertisers to test video for the first time.

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The day was punctuated with breakout sessions allowing us to sample some of the free confectionary Google has to offer – it is no wonder that the average employee puts on 14 pounds in their first 6 months at Google.

At these conferences, it’s not all work and no play and we were treated to an evening’s entertainment at the Royal Dublin Society. It was an amazing venue with great food and entertainment but it also gave us a chance to mingle with other agencies who also attended the conference. Agencies from as far as South Africa and Dubai were in attendance and it was really interesting to discuss the challenges and successes other agencies were facing depending on the market they were advertising in.

Into day 2 and several people were nursing a sore head from too many Guinness’s, but not team twentysix – we were up and ready to get stuck into more presentations.

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Day 2 was focused around how Google can further enhance their relationship with both agencies and our clients. We made time in our schedule to catch up with our Agency Account manager to talk through how we can deliver some of the new features we were presented with to our clients. We also discussed some exciting new initiatives for 2016.

Our 2 day Ireland adventure ended with a dash to Dublin Airport and a very bumpy landing at Leeds Bradford.

The Google Partner program has been running for little over 18 months and twentysix are extremely proud to be part of this. We are committed to delivering the latest paid search technologies to our clients and ensuring that we are having collective conversations with Google, our clients and ourselves. It is important that we are working in harmony striving for the same results.

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