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Getting into the Agency

When I graduated University in May 2015 with a Degree in Broadcast Media Technologies, I felt great, I had achieved one of my main life goals. However, I also felt anxiety, after 4 years of studying in higher education I still didn’t really have a clue which sector of media I wanted to work in!

After a year and a half of experimenting with different forms of marketing roles and getting lots of experience in the workplace (some good, some bad!) I stumbled across an article about working within a digital agency. It took my eye as I’d always been interested in online advertising while at uni. After some research I began to apply for digital agency based job roles, resulting in an interview and offer to work at Twentysix as a Junior Display Executive. My interview was different to any other interview I have experienced before and was a really rewarding process. So here are my tips if you would like to secure yourself a role within a Digital Media Agency:

Work to your strengths:

As part of the interview process, I was asked to complete a task. I had never done this in an interview scenario and it was a very daunting prospect. My advice is to take a step back, think about your strengths and work with them. Being well prepared and demonstrating your strong points which make you more confident and calm when the interview comes. This leads me to my next tip;

Do your research:

It is something of nightmares if you turn up to an interview and you are asked the question, ‘so what do you know about our company?’, so make sure you do your research. I suggest creating some quiet time close to your interview date, sit with a cuppa and look at the company’s website and relevant industry news. You never know, that little bit of extra research might be the difference between you and another candidate getting the job!

Just be yourself:

It is something your Mum probably told you growing up but it has some relevancy. As part of an agency, you will be required to work as part of a varied group of people and clients. If you can show a willingness to learn, a passion for your choice of role and the motivation to adapt to the culture of the agency you are part of the way there.

If you are on the journey to gaining a role within an agency then I wish you good luck! You can see our current Twentysix vacancies here

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