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Black Friday – An American Werewolf In Britain; How To Prepare Your PPC Accounts For A Full Moon Thanksgiving

This time 4 years ago a New Yorkian colleague of mine casually asked me if I was looking forward to Black Friday. At the time, much like the rest of the tea sipping British public, I had not heard the first thing about this uniquely American shopping phenomena. Pessimistically assuming that the term was somehow related to a past financial crisis (or social catastrophe for that matter), I tentatively pressed my colleague for detail as to why they couldn’t wait for the first Friday after Thanksgiving…

…Fast forward to 2015 and whilst the British Economy has kept the Wolf from the door with the green shoots of economic growth, the persistent baying of this American Hound has now cemented Black Friday as an invaluable fixture in any tea-fuelled Great British Marketing Plan!

What does the data say?

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With statistics like this it goes without saying that Paid Search professionals need to prepare more diligently than ever… and sooner than ever too!

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Don’t find your clients howling at the moon this Black Friday – Here are 5 things to remember in order to tame the American Beast!

Get The Basics Right:

The fundamental strategy when operating within such a highly seasonal sale period is having alignment between all aspects of the client’s assets and marketing channels. For PPC this means congruency between the following:

Keyword Coverage, Negative Keyword Coverage, Ad Copy, Ad Extensions, Landing Pages.

In a nutshell; right message, right time & right place!

Leverage Your Remarketing Lists

Is there going to be specific landing pages for Black Friday? Don’t forget to build a remarketing list for users that visit this page!

This could be especially valuable if there is a holding page on the run up to the event and equally useful post-event should you have happy return customers!

Analyse, analyse, analyse!

What does YOUR data say? What happened in your account last year? This should form the basis of any plans moving in to Black Friday 2015. Don’t let history repeat itself! Be ready for the spike with whatever insight you can gleam from Day parting analysis, Geo analysis and Category analysis.

Don’t Forget Mobile

According to Google, Comscore, & Experian; Mobile Searches are closely aligned with top in-store spending days.

Should your client have a store presence in the UK, mobile activity can add value to the business if it helps drive footfall. Black Friday was traditionally an in-store promotion day after all!

Also, 2014 data suggests that searches start early on Black Friday Morning – this means mobile usage in the early hours needs to be capitalised upon!


Communicate Clearly, Communicate Early!

Need Ad Copy signing off? Extra budget? Keyword approval? Display Banner Creation?

Don’t wait for Thursday night! A clear and concise road map of activity will ensure that running in to the key period is simply a push of an automation button away!

Like Ford’s assembly line production, Steven Spielberg’s Halloween, and Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte before it; Black Friday is another American Tradition now made Great by Britain! So keep the American Werewolf at bay lest you promise the Earth and only deliver the Moon…Good Luck or as the Italians say “in bocca al lupo” (It’s in the mouth of the wolf!)

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