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5 tips to push your affiliate channel further

1. Always assess your commission model

It’s all about being competitive – if you want an affiliate to promote your brand you need to give them a compelling reason to do so. Your commission structure directly determines how valuable you are in the market. Keep up to date with any changes in your competitors’ activity to identify new opportunities to appeal to your affiliate base. It’s important to test and learn, so trial different rates with specific affiliates in return for increased exposure to gain insight into where incremental growth can be obtained.

2. Don’t be afraid to break out the classic commission structure

Affiliate marketing’s USP largely lies in being one of the most cost-effective channels of the marketing mix, the ability to pay publishers on a cost per acquisition basis is a big draw for the channel and means affiliates can typically drive a much higher ROI than other channels within the mix. Whilst it’s easy to keep your campaign running on a CPA model with all publishers, bear in mind that some key publishers on your campaign may be restricted by this model. Don’t be afraid to break out of the status quo and trial other models such as CPC or CPL. You may be surprised how it can allow some publishers to work harder for your campaign, just remember to keep a close eye on the spend and ensure the activity works back to your key KPI targets.

3. Be data driven

A key aspect to running a successful affiliate campaign is to utilise the data available to plan future activity. Don’t be afraid to share insights with your largest partners, after all, affiliate marketing is a relationship business so sharing insights into your brands key trends or your marketing calendar can be key to improving future performance. You’ll be surprised at the insights affiliates can give, remember they work with all your competitors too, so within reason they may be able to provide some key industry insights.

4. Use your network to your advantage

Your network is there to track activity and facilitate affiliate payments; but it can also become a really powerful tool in managing and shaping your affiliate campaign. Remember, these guys have insights into a vast number of retailers across all sectors, so lean on them for insights. Utilise industry reports and GAP analyses to identify any missed and future opportunities.

5. Relationships are key

The key to a successful relationship is communication, so keep your affiliates up to date with upcoming product launches, promotions and any changes to the programme itself. Share feedback with them and feed that insight into your future activity. Be open and responsive to their needs and you can see results start to improve over time.

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