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The benefits of biometrics

We are tremendously excited to announce that our UX lab has had a bit of a makeover – so much so the word biometrics has now become a part of our everyday vocabulary!

For those of you who are not quite sure what we’re on about here, this is a quick explanation: biometrics is how we measure human behaviour. It allows us to gain a better understanding of how humans act, think and feel. Using biosensors such as eye tracking, we are able to analyse human emotions in a way that is more quantitative (based on numbers and data) rather than qualitative (based on opinion).

We have recently invested in biometric software and hardware from the company iMotions, who run a biometric research platform. They’re a worldwide company with offices in the US, Denmark, Germany and Singapore and using them puts us in esteemed company: we join well-established academic and commercial companies also using the software to take their human behaviour research to the next level.

Using iMotions, we can integrate all of our biometric devices data together into synchronised live streams, which can then be recorded and analysed while we’re testing your digital experiences.

Our UX lab now houses world-leading technology:

  • New screen-based eye tracking: detecting a user’s visual attention
  • Galvanic skin response (GSR): measuring a user’s stimulation by analysing skin conductance
  • Facial expression analysis: tracking a user’s emotional reactions

Using biometrics, we are proud to say we have enhanced our capabilities in understanding to benefit you, our clients. Now, we can see:

What areas of your site your customers are looking at and when

Heatmaps created using the eye tracking technology allow us to show you the distribution of your customer’s attention. The data gathered can determine your customers’ areas of interest (AOIs), time spent, mouse clicks and even revisits.

How your customers are feeling when exploring your site

Facial expression analysis shows us what areas of the site cause your customers to feel certain emotions. Tracking someone’s expression means we can see how your customer feels about your site without them having to express it quantitatively. The software recognises seven emotions and more than 14 emotion channels, meaning we can now gather deeper insights into human emotional reactions to ensure your site provokes the right emotional reaction in your target audience.

The strength of emotions your customers are feeling

GSR technology acts as an evaluation tool: it tracks your customer’s arousal levels. GSR means we can tap even deeper into the unconscious feelings and thoughts your customers are feeling when exploring your site, in a non-intrusive way.

We are passionate about using a human centric approach to digital marketing. This technology has allowed us to develop the expertise we have on your customers, sequentially deepening our understanding of people’s life online.

Want to know more about our biometric and usability testing facilities? Get in touch, we’d love to tell you more.

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