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Digital trends for 2018

We are preparing ourselves for an evolutionary shift in marketing; a seamless connection between online and offline to deliver the omnichannel experience sought after by customers. As experts in digital marketing, we are aware the time has come to immerse ourselves and our customers in this digital evolution.

To ensure you’re ready for the year ahead, we’ve created a guide to what we understand to be the future of digital based on our own insight and some of our favourite examples of brands demonstrating use of these techniques in the field. Use this document to help you make the best decisions for your brand in order to implement change in the up and coming year.

Here are some bitesize examples of what you will discover in the document…

  1. Blockchain – The ultimate tech buzzword, but do you know what blockchain actually means and what opportunities this technology has?
  1. Cognitive Computing – This technology simulates human thought processes whilst mimicking the way the human brain works to solve problems, and is potentially a vital tool for the modern marketer…
  1. Generation Z – The world’s first generation that are entirely digitally native that were born between 1996-2011, but are you entirely sure who Generation Z actually are?
  1. Chatbots – The conversational interface of 2018. Nevertheless, many companies are jumping on the chatbot bandwagon and missing a vital ingredient for success…
  1. Voice Search – By 2020 the number of online searches conducted through voice search is set to be 50% (Entrepreneur) How essential is it that brands begin to consider how their UX will convert into voice search?
  1. VR and AR – Apple’s release of their iPhone 8 and iPhone X, demonstrates their belief in AR being the next big thing, whilst rumours arise on how to succeed with VR in 2018…
  1. Big Data & Personalisation – Despite Brexit, the EU’s GDPR has been adopted into UK law and will come into full effect on 25th May 2018. But is it all doom and gloom?
  1. Social – In social this year it will be essential you are aware of the tactics you will need perform to connect and engage your online audiences…
  1. Influencer Marketing –Whilst brand advocation from an influencer can result in an enormous reach for a marketing campaign, what is the correct way to use influencer marketing?
  1. Mobile – Google recently announced that their mobile-first-index should be released in 2018, meaning it may actually be time where the claim ‘year of mobile’ is genuinely applicable…


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