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Resource: Preventing Personally Identifiable Data in Analytics

The Analytics Terms of Service

Personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses, national insurance numbers and so on are prohibited within Google Analytics. The analytics terms of service has outlined that analytics accounts using any of this information could be terminated and the data destroyed.

The Challenge

The question is – how does personally identifiable information enter analytics in the first place?

Also, how do we identify this within analytics and how can this issue be tackled?

The Resource

In this downloadable resource, we have compiled some useful information exploring:

  • Examples of PII data
  • Overview of common analytics hit types
  • PII data in page tracking
  • PII data in event tracking
  • PII data in ecommerce tracking
  • Causes of personally identifiable information entering analytics
  • Recommendations

You can download this resource here.

Image by John Robert Marasigan, Unsplash

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