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NEW: User Explorer Reports in Universal Analytics

An exciting time for analytics users! Google has rolled out User Explorer reports (currently in BETA). We’ve dived in and pulled out some of the awesome features and the possibilities this will bring:

Explore Individual Sessions by Client ID


Analytics assigns an anonymised, unique ID to each device from which users engage with your website. This is called the Client ID. Be aware that client-IDs can change / expire depending on its configuration. If a user chooses to not be tracked, analytics should not fire.

This is as close as you can get to understanding behaviour down to user level when using the current vanilla analytics set up.

However, if you have User-ID integrated, this will be replaced by the User ID set in the User-ID analytics view like so:


Understand Individual Behaviour

When clicking into each individual ClientID we can observe the content and interactions, the amount of time and the number of sessions it took for an individual Client ID to experience your website. Here we can see this particular instance is keen on a specific product:


Conversion Journeys

Powerful, especially for an eCommerce setting, as we can observe the paths, products, events and interactions and how long it took before it leads to a purchase:


Merchandising And Checkout Success With Enhanced Ecommerce

And if we have enhanced ecommerce enabled, we can see the product impressions, promotional clicks and add to cart, checkout behaviors too:

Identifying Barriers

And if it doesn’t lead to a purchase, identify possible barriers:


Filter For Specifics

We can filter this down to just specific actions:

user explorer reports analytics - filters

Or Apply Segments

You can apply your own advance segments to the User Explorer overview for a more convenient view:

user-explorer-reports-analytics - segment

 Pair With Custom Dimensions

And if you have Custom Dimensions set up, this can be viewed with the individual Client ID (currently this doesn’t appear fully interactable at the moment)



As the Client ID is a dimension that has loads (read: thousands) of unique values assigned, expect some sampling!

user-explorer-reports-analytics - sampling

As always, ensure clear tracking and privacy policies, explicit user consent and GDPR compliance.

Have fun exploring the data!


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