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twentysix rules for just about anything digital in 2018

As some of you may have noticed from our many Instagram stories, last week was our second contribution to the annual Leeds Digital Festival: twentysix rules for digital survival in 2018.

In hindsight though, perhaps we should have called it ‘twentysix rules for just about anything digital in 2018’ because that’s what it was! We had handy hints on subjects ranging from company culture, to AdWords, to Jess and Dom from Love Island and just about everything in between.

Lots of lovely, eager-to-learn people turned up, listened, took notes and asked insightful questions – shout out to the guy who wanted to know what you should do when your authentic doesn’t fit with everyone else’s (the answer, by the way, is stay true to yourself and commit. hard).

The format was 26 rules in 26 minutes. We didn’t quite hit the time target but we were close and when we did talk for more than 60 seconds, it was for good reason.

Point 26 was all about upskilling. We think that improving the understanding of digital (the cost, scope and capabilities of digital projects) in your boardroom is crucial for survival in 2018 – not to mention quick sign-off. Knowledge share, between you and your agency, can play a huge part in this, so with that in mind… here’s a quick recap of the top three points from the presentation:

3. Redefine normal

Binary gender, sexual identity and ‘traditional’ body image are no more. Our user base is becoming more and more diverse so adapt or risk losing your audience. If you’re building a brand, a user experience on social or building a website consider a spectrum of experiences and identities when you’re thinking about your customers.

Kenny Jones - Pink Parcel

Model Kenny Jones transitioned to a man at the age of 13. He continued to have periods for several years while undertaking hormone replacement therapy. He took part in a campaign by Pink Parcel, ‘On the Up’, to end period shaming.

Image: Pink Parcel

12. Embrace new payout models

With the new ‘tap to shop’ feature on Instagram and the introduction of tools like Monotote and Impact Radius we’re seeing a big shift toward rewarding influencers.

This means that influencers will be able to monetise their brand and channels more so than ever before. We predict a huge investment in influencer marketing.

Tap to shop

Like what you see? Jackthreads have been one of the first to make use of ‘tap to shop’.

Image: Jackthreads

22. Design. Test. Repeat. Repeat.

We cannot state the importance of testing enough. Design it, test it, make it live, test it again, tweak it, test it again. You see where we’re going here.

Be agile and proactive with your testing. Tests can be as simple as putting a call-to-action button in grey instead of blue but every tweak will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Nike shop

Nike are top of the class when it comes to testing. It’s estimated that they make 140 small tweaks a day thanks to their testing. All with an aim to improve user experience and ultimately increase sales.

Image: Nike

So that’s it! If you’re interested in reading the other 23 points, you can do that here.

But if you’re not, remember: be bold! Do everything you can to create the right experience for the right user at the right time. And then test it!

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