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Twentysix’s newest graduate

I’m envious of my twelve year older brother, not because he’s still innocent to the world, that’s just a given, but for almost as long as I can remember he’s always said he wants to be an architect.
At his age, I had some pretty high aspirations of being a cowboy, a footballer, a doctor, and for a solid seven days I was going to be an actor/rapper, a bit like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

We tend to have this constant back and forth of the many things he wants to do or buy, similar to a wishlist if one were to win the lottery. My brother tells me of the things he plans on buying when he’s older; he said the other day that he’s going to buy a motorbike much to my mother’s disapproval. He turned round and asked me if I’m going to buy one when I’m older as well, but when I tell him that I actually already can as I’m twenty two, he simply replies with ‘oh yeah’.

I didn’t think I’d turn round to my younger brother, when he asks for the umpteenth time, that I’m a going to be a Business Development Executive at a leading digital marketing agency, though I am ridiculously happy that I can.

My role at twentysix is rather exciting, as I’m working alongside the brand new PR team inn order to secure some new business. Being part of anything new is always exciting, but being able to say that I was also part of the journey is even better. I’m hugely excited to really get stuck in and try make a difference.

My journey to twentysix has been a slight rollercoaster. I completed my undergrad degree in journalism, as I was determined to be a TV presenter and journalist for a long time, despite being told countless times I only have a face for radio. Though I was lucky enough to interview MP’s, film at some exciting places and be mentored under some even more exciting people.

I knew I was always going to do my masters and it was during my final year of my undergrad that I knew what I was going to do it in; I love presenting, talking to people, I love brands their history and how they work; it seemed only fate that the University of Leeds run a masters in advertising and marketing. I graduated with my masters in December 2015, and as they say, the rest is history!

Not that I think I’m at an age where I feel confident handing out life advice, but if I could say anything, it would be, not to take life too seriously as it can be pretty easy to get stressed out over the smallest things. I never wanted to go into a career simply to pay the bills, I want to do something I love, and I’m positive I’m on the right track here at twentysix.

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