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The twentysix Apprentice

How it all began…

Just before the summer holidays I was given a place at Northumbria University on a graphics and creative media course but I turned it down when I got a phone call from Steve and Gail at twentysix confirming that I had the two year apprenticeship, as soon as I put the phone down I probably looked like I had just won the lottery which as you can imagine causes you to get a few funny looks.


Hello twentysix! 

Summer was over and my first day was finally here, I was incredibly nervous! But as soon as I walked through the door everybody made me feel welcome and a part of the team.

The plan for my time at the agency up until Christmas was to spend two weeks in each department; by doing this it really helped me get a better understanding of what each team does and how they all link together to create the final product.


Meet Design…

My time in design never really ended after the two weeks I was supposed to be there for, I just couldn’t take myself away, I was truly in my element designing web pages and 3d assets. Every day I woke up knowing I was going to do something I enjoy with some great people, I couldn’t ask for anything better!

While doing my apprenticeship I have worked on some really awesome projects and have been able to get fully involved with every part of it from the brainstorm meetings to actually designing the look of it, this has given me the chance to gain great experience and I have already learnt new skills and have a much better under standing of how an agency works.


What I learnt…

They say that if you do something you love there won’t be a day that feels like you are working, well that’s exactly how I feel here at twentysix and I really don’t think that will change.

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