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The morning after the night before…

Hangovers abound in the office today as the twentysix team recover from another eventful Christmas party.

Having miraculously not been banned from returning after last year, we returned to the Leeds Club on Albion Place, where we were treated to a belt-straining three course meal and the traditional inspirational speech from our CEO Gail, followed by an open bar and a great deal of dancing. The theme of the party was ‘Masque ball’, which allowed us to indulge in some truly fabulous (and at times faintly terrifying) facewear…

Christmas Party 1David McAndrew,  Monica Chia and Greg Mitchell Clare Addy, Ryan Michael & Lawrie Cape

The party went on until well after midnight, after which some of the more hardy/foolish revellers went on to the nearby Smokestack bar for further dancing. For many of us, this morning was a time for being very very still and very very quiet. Thankfully, the powers that be took pity on us and provided free Bacon sandwiches to ease the pain.

Bacon sandwich

Salvation! Same time next year?


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