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The Inspiration Behind Our Offsite SEO Tactics

Whilst our team of tech-savvy analysts handle the on-site SEO and focus on titles, Meta tags and internal linking, the off-site team at twentysix are usually busy getting creative and executing strategies that go hand-in-hand with on-site optimisation work.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with SEO and how it works, off-site activity should ideally be synchronised with on-site technical changes, and combining both methods strategically is a sure-fire way to get your website ranking for specific terms. What most clients and consumers don’t realise is that a site with good SEO is also favourable for users, so search engine optimisation has a dual purpose.

Google dominate the search market with almost 90% of all searches conducted through their search engine. Therefore, our outreach team have to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes that will affect their campaign activity (think lots and lots of Penguins!). This will ensure that campaigns relate to your brand and lazy tactics such as link submissions are well and truly confined to the past. In a post Penguin world, outreach is very much more aligned with wider brand activity such as content marketing or PR and therefore provides a wider business benefit than simply acquiring links.

Off-site inspiration

Contrary to popular belief, our team doesn’t have a bank of creative ideas reserved ready for clients’ SEO campaigns. Whenever we take on a new brand for SEO services at twentysix, we carry out specific research into their industry, and check out what competitors are doing to set a precedence of what works and what doesn’t. The next step is to hold a creative brainstorm with the wider off-site team and some designers, so we can get as many different angles and ideas together as possible before they’re whittled down further.

Events calendar

Another great source of inspiration comes from looking at events being held throughout the year. Tying a campaign idea in with the release of a movie, sporting event or television show gives us extra ammunition when it comes to pitching the content in to editor’s and journalists. If you strike while the iron’s hot and launch a campaign when the subject is topical, the success rate in terms of coverage is much higher.

Topical news

Looking at what’s going on in the news is an incredibly important element of off-site SEO planning. We always consider whether there’s a way that a campaign can ‘react’ to topical news or offer journalist’s something they want or need (e.g. case studies or expert comment)? Using a media request tool like Gorkana or Response Source is an excellent way to keep tabs on the latest content requests, and if you spot a relevant opportunity, make sure you email the journalist or editor before the opportunity is snapped up.

Tea-break websites

Light-reading, human interest publications online such as BuzzFeed and Mashable are widely read all over the world, and renowned for their entertaining content. If you can time it right and pitch your content or campaign into journalists at these hugely authoritative websites, you’re onto a winner. Take twentysix’s Iron Throne campaign for Direct Golf for example; a simple concept where over 300 golf clubs were used to create a niche version of the iron throne from Game of Thrones. The campaign was covered on Mashable and Bleacher Report, and this meant that the throne content was naturally published on other websites because of the huge audience reach.

Staying social-media savvy

Keeping tabs on Twitter hashtags and Instagram trends is a good way to see what the world’s talking about, and which brands are taking social media by storm with their online marketing. A great off-site campaign will ideally get picked up on social sites as well as online publications. Social media coverage and citations provide additional SEO benefit to campaigns, so definitely shouldn’t be ignored.

Other agencies and campaigns 

Let’s not pretend that we don’t take inspiration from other agencies and their successful off-site campaigns. Keeping a finger on the pulse is half the battle, so checking out rival agencies blogs and activity is a valuable source of inspiration.

Technological developments

Technology might not be the most interesting topic for everyone, but staying in the know when it comes to new innovations and technological advancements can influence creative campaign ideas. Although it may not always be feasible to execute technology-focused campaigns because of budget and time constraints, it’s still well worth making the suggestion if it fits the brand and their products.

Word of mouth

If you work in the digital industry, it’s likely that a lot of your friends do too, so sharing ideas with each other is instrumental to working in the SEO world.

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