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Squared Online Success!!

Congratulations are in order for 5 new twentysix Google Squared Online Graduates!

Back in March this year twentysix continued its ongoing investment in producing the next generation of digital experts by sending a number of the team on the newly formed Squared Online training course.

What is Squared Online?

Google Squared Online is readily establishing itself within the digital industry as the ‘go to’ training course for the next generation of digital talent. Crowd sourced by leading employers and delivered collaboratively online, Squared is the new movement in digital career learning. Undergraduates are treated to guest speakers which include some of marketing’s most respected elite, such as Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairmen of Ogilvy, Sir John Hegarty, Founder BBH and Richard Eyre, Chairman of the IAB.

We immerse ourselves in Google products every day, as do our clients, and given the rate of change in Google products and the depth of analysis coming from the internet’s behemoth, it felt right to sharpen our collective pencils and indoctrinate ourselves further into Google’s world. squared-online-logo

Delivered over 6 months of collaborative learning, the  twentysix graduates completed modules on topics such as commercial thinking, living in a connected world and being part of the digital revolution.


The course has been a resounding success and a great learning experience for the team, we’re delighted to now have a team of trained graduates within the agency. We’re now using this as a rolling program of skills development, with the graduates acting as mentors for the new crop of undergraduates who will start in 2015. Our hope is this will continue to build team work and develop interpersonal training  skills, as such our graduates will extend into management and mentoring, as well as those skills learnt in the classroom.

So, well done and congratulations to:

  • Monica Chia
  • Trent Yunus
  • Dan Pratt
  • David McAndrew
  • Chris Mann
Dan Pratt - Squared graduate

Dan Pratt is a Snr Account Manager, “The Google Squared course has helped me to apply a rounded and balanced approach to my daily role presenting me more avenues of digital thought and industry methodology. The course has allowed me to take a step back from the application of defined processes and tailor the approach more effectively to our clients’ needs.”

Chris Mann - Squared graduate

CHRIS MANN is Technical SEO Manager, “Google Squared provided a challenging but rewarding learning opportunity. Through the diverse range of modules the course has helped me to gain a wider view of the digital marketing landscape and more specifically my place within it. Additionally the course provided fantastic networking opportunities through regular group discussions and assignments.”

Congratulations to our Grads!

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