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Keshia’s Social Scratch-Up

Welcome to the Social Scratch-Up, my new weekly series looking at all the latest happenings in the world of Social Media – plus any other interesting things that catch my eye!

So, what’s happening on Social this week? 

Google+ multiplies

The biggest news this week has been Google+’s new redesign. The Social Media Team have created a report on Google+ with our thoughts which should be available shortly. Personally I think it looks fantastic. It would be interesting to see if it results in a significant increase in users.

Amy’s Baking Pot Boils Over

If ever you need to explain to a client how not to do social media, the misadventures of Amy’s Baking Company would work as an extreme case study. Funny thing is, although they have negative press their Facebook page likes have at least tripled. Is it true that all exposure is good exposure, or does Facebook need to create a new feature to allow us to see which of our likes are genuine? Anti-troll filters perhaps?

Pinterest Partnership

Pinterest is showing signs of getting closer to monetising their services by partnering with several brands such as eBay, Sony and Netflix. More descriptive pins are on offer minimising the need to click through to websites.

Campaign Spotlight: Cadbury UK Crispello 

The goal of Cadbury UK’s latest campaign is to find the ‘Nation’s favourite cheeky story’. Users can vote for their favourite story through a Facebook app, each story has its own design. Once a user votes they can then share that story’s design to their wall. 1 story submitted equals 1 Crispello, the winner wins the whole lot. The counter currently stands at 1762.

Three winners will also be selected by Vicki Stone (comedian) to go to a comedy gig. Stories are featured on the Cadbury wall, themed images of Vikki with Crispello and even a music video featuring Vikki, all are sharable assets. A nice, original idea – well executed!

The Big Question

There’s a social media expert in all of us! Every week I’ll ask a question which is meant to stimulate discussion and get everyone’s social brains buzzing. See that person next to you? They don’t bite! Don’t forget you can use our comment functionality to get the conversation going right here on the blog too.

 “Google+’s new redesign has introduced some new features that offer a truly intuitive experience. Do you think that Google+ can compete with Facebook with these new features, or is there still more work to be done?”

LOLCat of the Week

Grumpy cat has been making her way around digital and traditional media recently. Is she cute or scary? As much as I love kitties I’m going to have to vote scary on this one!


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