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Social Psychic: Predicting the MasterChef champion

There are plenty of foodies here in the twentysix office – just yesterday we hosted a bake sale that Mary Berry would have been proud of  to raise money for the Holy Walkamolies epic trek for Oxfam!

The amazing boot cake!


So to tie in with the ultimate baking event of the TV year, we thought we’d put our social team to the test and see if they could use their monitoring and reporting abilities to accurately predict the winner of BBC One’s MasterChef.

If you’ve been watching the show you probably already know the answer to this question, heck if you’ve read the newspaper today or have been online you’ll probably know… our challenge was to know the answer almost 24 hours before the final.

We measured the total level of Twitter sentiment for each contestant from 12th March – 2nd May 2013. Although it was a pretty close call, we can see below that Natalie has the lowest ratio of people talking negatively about her and the most positive sentiment:

Masterchef Sentiment GraphWe balanced this data against who had the biggest social impact:

Masterchef Share of Voice Data

Even though Natalie has won MasterChef, Larkin stimulated the most discussion – most likely because of his big screw up in the quarter finals, and attempts to redeem himself throughout the rest of the competition. I’m sure he’s seen more than enough of that soufflé rolling off his bench, and John crying out in disbelief!

So well done Natalie, it was a tense final, but with a bit of analysis we have to say we saw it coming… now, when does the Great British Bake Off start again?

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