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Top PPC Tips for the Perfect Christmas

Is it ever too early to start preparing your paid search accounts for Christmas?

Run Up To Christmas

OK, maybe you have more pressing issues in June – however if you haven’t started to think about Christmas yet, you still have time…just! Google Internal Data shows that Christmas related searches start to increase as early as September.

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With over £21.6b spent online during the Christmas period in 2014 (IMRG Data), paid search advertisers can see significant returns with some simple planning. So what is there to prepare?

  • Keywords – As well as your usual set of generic keywords – try adding in Christmas related search terms to specific campaigns
  • Ad Copy – Creating Christmas themed ad copy has always been an important part of boosting CTR during the festive period – festive spirit is important, but remember to keep these ads relevant.
  • Ad Extensions – Don’t forget about additional ad extensions that are available this year compared to last year – Structured Snippets and Review Extensions could work well at this time of year
  • Remarketing – Consider creating fresh remarketing audiences for Christmas shoppers – they can be used closer to Christmas or in the Boxing Day/January sales. Implement RLSAs across all campaigns
  • Time of day – Searches can change depending on the time of day – use historical data to create a day parting strategy in the run up to Christmas  
  • Shopping Campaigns – If you don’t have Shopping Campaigns set up already…
  • Mobile – It may be too late to create a mobile site if your site doesn’t already have one, however, mobile bid modifiers should be monitored and adjusted over the period

Christmas Day

And spending on Christmas day itself is increasing – with Christmas Day transactions increasing 25% from 2013 to 2014 (IMRG Data).

Google internal data does suggest that desktop traffic drops off significantly on Christmas day, however, mobile traffic remains strong, which makes sense – being glued to your mobile screen is a lot more acceptable on a family day than being on your computer.

The campaigns you have live, as well as mobile bid adjustments will be important on the big day itself.

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Post-Christmas Day

Analyse your results – the data you generate during the run up to Christmas isn’t just useful for next year’s planning, it can also be used to influence decisions for the upcoming months. There are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What messaging worked well in your Christmas ad copy?
  • Which products sold well?
  • Which devices did your traffic come from, and where did it convert?

Use all of this information to help you during the January sales and of course Christmas 2016. If you, like all good paid searchers, enjoy a good forecasting – the data you analyse now will be invaluable for your 2016 projections.

In summary, it’s never too early for advertisers to prepare for the festive period…obviously! We do, however, have 3 top tips:

  • Get the basics ready for Christmas now
  • Don’t forget about Christmas day itself
  • Be prepared for increased YoY growth

Merry Christmas Planning!

[You may have noticed the big Black Friday shaped elephant in the room…don’t worry, we will be looking at this in another issue]

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