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Over The Moon

So…when I was a kid there were 3 things I wanted to be when I grew up.

  • A Daddy
  • A stuntman (like ‘Colt Seavers’ from 80’s TV-show ‘The Fall Guy’)
  • An astronaut

I was far too injury prone to be a stuntman (I regularly get injured putting my socks on in the morning) and I didn’t quite make the cut as an astronaut, but I did fulfil my ambition of being a Daddy – which is awesome because I get to behave like a kid pretty much all of the time.  I was fascinated with space as a young lad and remember writing to NASA as part of a class project about space. NASA sent me a black and white brochure at the time which was unexpected and I remember being thrilled – I’ve still got it somewhere.

Anyway, 30 years later and my son is repeating history. He’s learning all about space and the planets at school in his class of 20 something kids.  Rather than write to NASA I thought we’d have a better chance of a response from them (I was hoping for a colour brochure) if we sent them a video – so we sent a quick video and were blown away with the response from a super kind engineer called Ted at NASA who took the time out to film an awesome 10 minute video response. Here it is:

Super Ted

The local paper also latched onto the story and published it in today’s paper.

What an amazingly generous and considerate chap. If only there were more people like him in the world/universe.

Thanks ‘Super Ted’!

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