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Keshia’s Social Scratch-Up: Issue #4

There are plenty of sweaty faces around the twentysix office today, as the July heatwave shows know sign of letting up! But before everyone dashes out to change into their shorts and fire up the barbecues, spare us a few moments to check out all the latest happenings in the exciting world of social media!

What’s happening on Social this week?

Facebook Searchable Hashtags 

Last month, Facebook announced the launch of Twitter-esque searchable hashtags. The hashtags have been shown to have marketing potential, but Facebook and Twitter remain very different platforms –  is it still too much to ask users to set their Facebook status updates to public?

Twitter Ad Auction

This month Twitter will be holding its first auction for advertising packages. Whoever wins the auction gets the option to take over promoted trends in 50 countries for a day. The estimated value of this is $600,000.

Twitter Targeted Advertising

Twitter is continuing to improve its advertising proposition with the announcement that they’re looking at making their ads more useful by matching it more closely with users browsing history.

RIP Auto Follow

More Twitter developments – their  ‘auto follow’ tool, which allows users to automatically follow back anyone who follows you, will no longer function as the company imposes harsher restrictions on spam.

Campaign Spotlight

Water Is Life

The #firstworldproblems hashtag initially gained popularity as a humourous way of tweeting trivial problems such as their iPhone 5 breaking or waiting more than 5 minutes for a taxi., a charity that works to provide clean and safe water to third world countries, has launched the ‘hashtag killer’ campaign – billed as the first attempt to end a hashtag rather than promote it. The idea is to have these trivial problems read out by members of impoverished communities, turning the hashtag on its head and hopefully raising awareness of more serious issues in the third world.

The video for their campaign shows small children in slum villages ostensibly complaining about underheated leather seats and iPhone chargers that don’t reach their beds. It’s powerful viewing – but will it be effective?

This week’s question:   Have you used the Facebook hashtags? If so, do you think it can compete with hashtags on Twitter?

LOLCat of the week

Looks like Grumpy cat has some competition! Meet Hamilton the Hipster cat. Since, news hit that Grumpy cat will be starring in his own multi-million pound movie, more fame-hungry felines and their owners than ever have been trying to get our attention – and this one did! In case you were wondering, yes the moustache is real!

Hamilton The Hipster Cat

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