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Keshia’s Social Scratch-Up: Issue #3

Here at twentysix half the office is still reeling in the aftermath of that Game of Thrones episode. (No spoilers! – the slower half) 

To take our minds off the brutal events in Westeros, here’s our weekly round up of what’s happening in the world of social.

What’s happening on Social this week? 

Foursquare to help small businesses

This could be gold for independent restaurants if it takes off – finally allowing them to compete with the big hitters to attract hungry local customers.

A pipe that does more than transport water and sewage

Sharing files via Facebook is now possible. This could be a bit of a game changer.

Facebook steps up the battle to dominate social messaging

Facebook is currently testing the option to allow private messaging into the status update feature in order to compete with Google, who have a stronger web chat presence. Could be risky – it seems like it could be awfully easy for people to accidentally publish private information to their public feed!

Campaign Spotlight

Yo! Sushi Super Mega Kats

In order to promote their limited edition ‘Super Mega Katsu’ curry. Yo! Sushi encouraged people to submit photos of their cats via an app on Facebook and then tell them why their cat was ‘super mega’. The chosen cat wins a very large goodie bag full of cat treats.

The result was they received hundreds of user generated images which proved predictably popular with cat-obsessed customers. Likes, comments and shares are visible on every image, (my own cat entry got five likes woo! ;D). It was a very good promotion for their Katsu curry, the tie in with Katsu and ‘Kat’, combined with the obvious jokes about cats going wild for Sushi made for a campaign that felt more of a natural fit than many who try to jump on the lolcats bandwagon. All in all, a deceptively clever tie in with the product, the brand and the audience.

Yo! Sushi Super Mega CatsYo! Sushi Super Mega Kats

This week’s question:  What do you think of the new file sharing app for Facebook? Is this going to change the face of social sharing, or is it going to prove a legal and logistical nightmare?

LOLCat of the Week

These memes must have started from something right? Meet the original LolCat – Happy Cat. This image started the cat meme phenomenon and was responsible for starting an entire internet language with the instantly recognisable grammatical nightmare that is – I can has cheezburger?

I can has cheezburger

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