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Keshia’s Social Scratch-Up: Issue #2

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and the weekend is just around the corner! Before we make a beeline for the nearest beer garden, here’s the latest from my weekly social scratch-up!


 Yahoo sets its eyes on Tumblr

I hope I’m not the only one who cringed when the news hit that Yahoo was going to buy Tumblr. Remember what happened when they acquired Flickr? Hopefully they’ve learned a few lessons since then, but so far the jury is very much out…

Everybody needs good neighbours…

Nextdoor – a new social network making waves in the US is on its way to the UK!

Will one ever be enough?

Mashable has written a really interesting article looking at whether just having one social network is enough and explores individual methods for handling multiple social circles.

Breaking News: One Social Network Copies Another

Cynicism aside, Facebook really needed this! It was getting annoying trying to figure out which pages were official and which weren’t. Welcome verified Facebook pages!

Campaign Spotlight

Barclays’ Bespoke Ballads 

This is a great example of a campaign that compliments the product/service beautifully. Barclays launched ‘Bespoke Ballads’ in order to promote the launch of Barclays Bespoke Offers. Bespoke Offers is a new service for Barclaycard members where they can find offers which are tailored to their needs.

Anyone could simply tweet the hashtag #bespokeballads then the Barclays team of musicians will wrote a song based on their Twitter feed. A bespoke offer is then made at the end of the song! On YouTube they’ve organised their ballads into ‘Our greatest hits’ and ‘New releases’ playlists, I think this is a really nice touch which adds to the experience.

They still have people asking them to write ballads! I think perhaps they should have run it a little longer than 4 days so it could generate more steam.

Barclays Bespoke Ballads


Do you think new social network ‘Nextdoor’ will take off here in the UK? Or could it be we aren’t as ‘neighbourly’ as the US? 


Meet Colonel Meow another cat who has also taken over social media in countless memes. The Colonel confirms what we all knew in our hearts – we should all prepare for world domination.

Colonel Meow

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