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Katy takes twentysix

When I was asked to write a blog about my first year at twentysix, I panicked – there’s no way I’m going to be able to summarise my experiences over the past nine months into one blog post!

So, I thought there is no better place to start than the beginning!

Before I start at the beginning, I should probably introduce myself, my name is Katy Stuart and I work as an Account Manager in the client services team at twentysix! What is the client services team I hear you ask? Well, ultimately, our job is to represent our clients internally within the agency.

So now you know who I am and what I do, let me tell you all about my first nine months at twentysix…

From the very first moment I stepped foot in the twentysix office, it was clear that this was more than just a place of work. From the General Manager, Steve, running up two flights of stairs to get me a glass of water, to various members of the team very kindly buzzing me into the office and settling me in reception before my interview, to everyone who walked past me in reception smiling and saying hello (bearing in mind it was after working hours) – I knew there was something special about the agency.

So fast forward a couple of weeks and my very first day at twentysix. Right from the moment I sat down at my desk, everyone made me feel so welcome. There were countless introductions, handshakes, the office tour and the obligatory pass photo!

During my first month at twentysix, I was fully immersed into the agency through the great induction programme. A number of hourly sessions with the other new starters, which allow you to meet the Heads of Departments and Senior Management Team, who provide you with a whistle-stop tour of their department, along with providing you the opportunity to ask lots of questions! The finale of the induction programme is the new starters lunch. A lovely opportunity to mingle again with the people you have met through the induction process, but also to talk to different members of the Senior Management Team.

After the induction programme, it was time to really get to work. The client services team are located on the ground floor, alongside finance, new business and the Senior Management Team. The structure of client services means that everyone sits in teams, which provides you with a real support network at all times!

So, what’s it really like to work at twentysix? Well, I have condensed my first year into a couple of the key themes that I believe have made it such a brilliant year!

The client services team

Being a member of the client services team at twentysix is truly amazing! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and we are all in this job because we want to provide the best service to our clients. Whether this be through innovative digital technologies, the best offsite campaigns or building the most comprehensive website that truly fulfils our clients needs. The ethos on the ground floor that there truly is no question too small or too stupid to ask, which, along with the amazing Spotify playlists we have, makes it a great environment to work.

The clients

Working in client services, our main role is to represent our clients internally and help them drive their digital strategy forwards. And with such a varied and amazing mix of clients, spanning across different sectors and with completely different requirements, we need to ensure we truly understand their digital needs. This means we have to always be asking questions, questioning approaches and ensuring that the work we deliver is of the highest standard. In my opinion, we do truly have one of the best jobs!

The team

The twentysix team is one that is very close knit. Everyone is passionate, dedicated and driven to delivering the best service they possibly can. Working as part of the client services team, means I am constantly running up and down the stairs (ok, ok, taking the lift) to liaise with the different members of the wider team. Each project is completely different and depending on the client and service offering, means you are constantly working with new and different people throughout the agency. After all, they do say variety is the spice of life!

The opportunities

Since joining twentysix nine months ago, I have been exposed to so many amazing opportunities. From attending Episerver Ascend London and representing the client services team, to being involved with new business client wins, even being asked to write this blog! That is without even thinking about the different places I have been to visit clients, countless trips to Blackburn, Newcastle and London. It is amazing to be constantly on the go and means that no two days are ever the same!

The recent introduction of innovation groups has also allowed different people from within the agency to join five different workstreams focused on the future and really get involved in making change as part of our agency 5-year initiative.

There is always so much going on not only within the agency, but around it too. The best way to get involved I hear you ask? Always be willing to put up your hand!

The technology

As a digital agency, being driven by new and emerging technologies comes hand in hand. There are constantly emails/slacks flying round the office about the new and latest things happening within the industry. Making it very difficult to not always be on the look out for the next best thing to happen in the world of tech and digital when you’re out and about at the weekend!

The social aspect

Last but not least, my nine months of being at twentysix really wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing social aspect! From the great Christmas party, to celebrating our end of financial year with a pie and a pint, to the client services team outing, there is always something happening.

As part of our last client services team outing, we started the night off with pizza and Elf (yes I know, two of the best combinations) then ended the evening at a ‘Lock Room’. Splitting into two teams to see who could make it out alive first.

*Spoiler alert – both teams made it out alive!*

There is also some really amazing charity work that takes place throughout the year. From raising money through bake-offs to walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks, there are lots of remarkable causes to donate your time, money and baking skills too!

So, all in all, as I’m sure you can see, my first year at twentysix has been fantastic!

If you would like to be part of the twentysix team then take a look at our Careers page and get in touch!

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