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Instagram Stories: A Social Guide

The social world this week has seemed a little bit like a school playground. One thing people really dislike is when someone takes your idea. Instagram launched their new stories feature at the beginning of this week, and to be honest it is extremely similar to Snapchat. The app creator stated “With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about over-posting… Instead, you can share as much as you want to throughout the day – with as much creativity as you want”. Snapchat without a doubt was the pioneer of the disappearing content, however with changing times this isn’t going to be the first time another platform replicas another’s idea. At the end of the day if it works… why on earth wouldn’t you?!

But enough debate, here is our little guide to Instagram’s new stories feature – Enjoy!

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories allows users to share their moments throughout the day either as videos or images in a slideshow format.

What can I do with it?

The moments you share can then be customised with three different drawing tools (available in a range of colours), text and emojis. And don’t worry, there are filters! All you have to do is shoot your video or take your picture, then swipe to add a filter. Luckily, these stories won’t appear in your feed or profile grid – so any drunken stories won’t destroy your beautiful Instagram grid! Sadly though, videos are just limited to 10 seconds, despite the fact Instagram recently expanded its video length to 60 seconds.

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Can I like or leave comments on these stories?

Similar to Snapchat you can’t like or leave public comments on the stories, however you have the option to send them a message. This is available in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Where can I find it?

The stories bar is above your news feed and displays only people you follow, and will stay there for 24 hours. To view a story all you have to do is tap on that person’s
profile picture that appears on above your feed. Tap to go back and forward, or if you get a bit bored jump onto the next person’s story!
Will everyone be able to see my story?

Any story you post will follow the privacy settings you have in place for your Instagram account. If it’s private, your story can only be seen by your followers. Don’t worry if it’s not – it’s easy to hide your story from those people that follow you you’d just rather not have looking at your car licking it’s paws… Simply click on the settings symbol on your profile, choose story settings and tap Hide My Story From. If you would like to know whose been sneaking on you start watching your story and swipe up on the screen. Enjoy a particular part of your story? Select that section and post it onto your profile.


At the minute this is all you need to know. We can only wait and see if Instagram sticks to this simple approach to stories, or whether it will expand to what Snapchat is today!

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