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The Holy Walkamolies 100km walk – We did it!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, last weekend myself, Account Manager Dan Pratt, General Manager Steve Reedman and Project Officer Sue Russell set off on our epic 62 mile (over 100km) walk across the Yorkshire Dales as part of Oxfam’s Trailtrekker challenge.

On Friday we got a massive boost in the form of a whopping £500 donation from the company! So a massive thanks to Gail for that – as well as to everyone from the office who made individual donations. It helped us to achieve a grand total of £3,160, which will all go towards helping Oxfam to combat global poverty. Well done everyone!

As for the walk itself? Well, we survived. Actually we did more than that. If you’ll allow for a bit of mild boasting, we bloody nailed it! Our aim was to finish in less than 24 hours, and we came in at just over 22!

The facts:

  • The walk was over 100km (62 miles), though some people tracking it on GPS claimed the actual length was closer to 67 miles!
  • Our final finishing time was 22 hours 08 minutes!
  • We set off at 8am on Saturday
  • We finished just after 6am on Sunday
  • We were the 9th fastest complete team to cross the line, putting us in the top 3% of all the participating teams!
  • As individuals, all four of us finished in the top 50, meaning we were in the top 5% of everyone who took part
  • The fastest time to complete the walk was a mind-boggling 13 hours!
  • The slowest time to complete the walk was 34 hours and 8 minutes.
  • Only 86 teams managed to complete the full 100kms
  • Steve even made a brief appearance in a video by the Yorkshire Post (47 seconds in)

Trailtrekkers - The Results

A few pictures…

…and that’s that! Thanks one more time from all of us to everyone who donated, supported and cheered us on. We’re all immensely proud of ourselves – not to mention relieved that it’s all over! Same time next year?


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