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Holy Moly! twentysix staff take on the ultimate walking challenge.

Looking back now, I realise what a fool I was when on a cold December morning last year, I took a flyer from a kind smiling lady as I sleepily made my way into work. I like a challenge and I like walking, so the title for this flyer caught my eye: ‘Be part of Trailtrekker. The ultimate team challenge’.

‘The ultimate team challenge’ had been set by Oxfam and entailed a 100km walk (62 miles) across the Yorkshire Dales. The walk has to be completed in under thirty hours by a team of four – who will end up climbing more than the combined height of Ben Nevis and Snowdon, the two highest mountains in the UK! Oh, and that’s thirty continuous hours too; through the night and without sleep. Piece of cake, right? Now all I needed was a team…

A quick speculative email around the twentysix office resulted in a number of enthusiastic responses such as:

“Do you think I’m mad?”

“Are you having a laugh?

…and numerous variations on “How f*cking far?!?!”

Fortunately, it turns out I’m not the only masochist in the company and three people did show an interest: Our General Manager Steve Reedman, Project Officer Sue Russell and Search Account Manager Dan Pratt. So it was that The Holy Walkamolies were formed.

The Holy Walkamolies

Introducing The Holy Walkamolies!

The name? Well, Holy Moly was a decent expression for how we came to view the challenge – e.g. “Holy Moly, this is going to be a long walk!”. (Holy Sh*t! was probably more apt, but sadly inappropriate).

How long is 100kms exactly? Let’s put it into perspective…

  • It’s the equivalent of two and a half marathons.
  • It’s also the equivalent of walking from Leeds to Sheffield… and then back again!
  • …or of walking across the North of the country from Carlisle to Newcastle!

Last year only 30% of the teams who aimed to complete the 100km challenge succeeded without any drop-outs. So we can’t have any weak links. With just eight weeks remaining until we set off, the team is in full training mode with regular 35mi+ walks, 12mi+ runs and nutritional diets.

Imagine what you might be doing on the morning of Saturday June 1st waking up after a nice long sleep, perhaps digging into a hearty breakfast….

At this point Holy Walkamolie will have just set off.

Now imagine your day that follows; a hearty lunch, a relaxing afternoon, a TV dinner before retiring to bed?

At this point we will still be walking.

Then after a long relaxing sleep you wake up refreshed for a leisurely Sunday morning

We’ve not stopped, we’re still walking. 

You have breakfast, do some housework, maybe hit the shops. The day continues and only in the afternoon when you’re considering what you might have for dinner that night, only then…

Hopefully we will have stopped walking.

Or at least that’s the plan, we may have collapsed long before then!

The Holy Walkamolies

Still walking…

We’re not just in it for the blisters of course. As the event is run by Oxfam, it’s all about raising money for those in poverty. Our fundraising goal is £1,400 and for every £1 you sponsor us, 83p goes directly towards fighting poverty. It’s a great cause and a massive challenge that will push all four of us to the max, so we’d really appreciate some support.

You can help us to reach our target by donating here:

Here are a few of the training walks we’ve completed to date:

Group walk (35miles)

Steve and Sue (45 miles)

George & Dan (35miles)

Steve & Sue (35miles)

Finally, you can find out more about Trailtrekker here:

Keep watching this space for updates on how we get along. It’s going to be interesting!


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