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Maximising Your Google Shopping Campaigns This Christmas

In the last of our “Festive PPC Preparation” blog series, we are looking at Shopping Campaigns!

Christmas is a time for love and cheer, panic and fear. The love and cheer is obvious but the panic and fear? Well that comes from making sure everyone from your dearly beloved to your next door neighbour’s gerbil has the perfect gift from Old St. Nick. It’s little surprise that the importance of developing a specific shopping strategy has increased over recent years, particularly as the ever expanding elements bring it to prominence in the mind of all PPC advertisers.

Data from Google shows us that the level of visits from Shopping campaigns is growing at a rapid rate. With the festive period being a crucial period for retailers, the following are just a few ways to harness the power of Google Shopping activity.


Source – Google

Festive Strategies

At Christmas, customers’ mentality changes, affecting the way in which they purchase products. Obviously this switch is largely due to the fact that people are looking to find the perfect present for their friends and family. This can lead to certain products seeing a large spike in sales during the build up to Christmas compared to the rest of the year. Whether this is down to the product being this year’s must have gadget or the most sought after toy around, the capabilities of Shopping campaigns allow us to cherry pick these top sellers and bid more aggressively on them.

Within shopping campaigns, advertisers are able to breakdown the product feed into whatever categories they see fit using the variety of categories available. This can be enhanced further by the use of custom columns within the Shopping feed itself. Whether by ad group or by campaign, this breakdown allows for the opportunity to introduce a festive product split. This granular approach allows advertisers to select the products they expect to sell well (whether this is based on historical data, customer buying patterns, or on market trends) and push them harder than the other products. By doing this you can further increase the visibility from these units by setting the priority settings of the campaign to high, thus pushing it further ahead of the other products within your feed. The flexibility of the Shopping campaign management will also allow for amends to this strategy, and the addition of further products through the festive period if there is something that bucks the trend.

Shopping Campaigns & Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

The power of RLSAs has been evident since Google first introduced them into the AdWords interface. They provide advertisers with the opportunity to recapture past visitors through a PPC ad. In doing so, advertisers can be ever so clever with this by leveraging audiences and bid adjustments based on users past interactions with the site. Now that we are able to use these audiences on Shopping activity it’s imperative that e-commerce accounts take advantage of this in time for Christmas. Why? Well that’s because a user isn’t just for Christmas; they are for as long as the cookie window is. In that period, whether it’s for 30 days or higher, users who have bought from your site for Christmas are likely to be searching for bargains in the sales. If these users have already bought something from a site, the theory goes that they are likely to do so again. Therefore RLSAs ensure that you are there to recapture these users and their wads of Christmas money, once they take a break from filling themselves with turkey and stuffing to hit the online sales.

Advancements in Mobile Shopping Campaign


2015 is the year of the mobile. 2014 was the year of the mobile. 2013 was the year of the mobile. 2012 was a leap year. And so it goes on, but ultimately mobile is here to stay and is certainly not going to stand still. Mobile traffic is growing at breakneck speeds and shows next to no sign of holding up. This year Google have reported seeing a YoY increase of 115% in shopping searches coming from smartphones for the month of June. It’s no surprise that off the back of this, Google has vastly improved the Product Listing Ads displayed from Shopping campaigns. New functionalities include swipe to scroll, larger imagery and an all-round much smoother ad experience. With all this at the user’s fingertips, advertisers need to make sure they are setting the suitable bid adjustments for their mobile Shopping activity. Particularly due to all of those shiny, brand spanking mobiles waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Google Shopping campaigns should be an integral part to an e-commerce PPC account all year round, however, there is no doubt to their level of importance during the Christmas period. The functionalities within them offer benefits that can be customised suitably for the festive period based on the shift in user mentality. Now is the time to get those shopping campaigns fully prepped, stuffed and ready to bung in the oven, rather than throwing them in at the last minute and burning it to a crisp.

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