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Google AdWords – An Advertiser’s Christmas Helper

December is a crazy time in all walks of life, with the buzz of Christmas taking over throughout the month. Yet whilst the smell of mulled wine is thick in the air and the snow (very occasionally) is on the ground, PPC accounts tend to go through one of their most important times of the year. Whether it’s a retail account heading towards last order dates or a B2B client who are about to shut down for the festivities, all clients expect their accounts to be adapted to the ups and downs of the month ahead. Here’s a rundown of some of the top features that AdWords users can take advantage of during the festive period.

Countdown Ads

We all know that horrible fear that hits you when you realise it’s the 20th December and the only present you’ve bought is a bottle of sherry for your Nan. When that mad panic sets in, those who are managing e-commerce PPC accounts are rubbing their hands. Last delivery dates are a great example of where countdown ads can create a real sense of urgency to users. Recent changes within the Google AdWords interface allow advertisers more dynamic functionality when it comes to creating a countdown within ad copy. Whereas previously countdown ads involved a more complex routine of creating a scrip and running Google-Ad-customizersthis through the AdWords scripts function, Google have made this process much easier for advertisers. The interface now allows for the end date and time of the countdown to be inputted as well as the choice between using the time zone of the account or that of the user viewing the ad (this particular function being incredibly useful for international accounts). The ad will then countdown to the end time starting off by focussing on days, before counting down by the hour and then by the minute on the last day. This sense of urgency is incredibly useful when writing ads regarding last delivery dates for the Christmas period.

Automation Rules

Christmas is a crucial period for all businesses for a variety of different reasons. For some businesses it may be their peak period, and for others it could be an opportunity to cut back on spend and save budget for another time of year. This is where the automation rules within AdWords can be a great help. Whether its setting an account to go offline when it hits the maximum amount of spend for the month, or making sure that seasonal ads are replaced by sales ad copy on Christmas Day, automation rules allow for changes to be made dynamically when certain criteria is met. So as PPC workers are tucking into their turkey on Christmas Day, the accounts they manage can be updating for the post-Christmas sales. It goes without saying that nothing replaces the human touch and checks should be made to ensure that all automation updates go to plan.industrialAutomation

AdWords Scripts

During the festivities of the big day, it would be a major mistake for an account to lay dormant. With sales starting and wide scale promotions taking place, advertisers need to ensure their PPC accounts are ready for this post-Christmas switch. AdWords scripts provide a fantastic service to PPC accounts offering a number of functions that can help whilst Advertiser is away from their office. These functions include an early warning system to flag up any dramatic changes in an account, raising or lowering bids depending on performance or even pulling reports. Advertisers can use the basic scripts provided within Google or take the time to write and adapt their own in order to suit their account. AdWords scripts offer a more complicated extension to the automation rules. Whilst the automation rules offer basic solutions such as activating and pausing activity, AdWords scripts can continue to optimise the account beneath the surface. As mentioned above, nothing can replace the human element of managing a PPC account, but this is yet another function that can let you sleep soundly to the sound of sleigh bells and carolling on Christmas Eve.create-adwords-script

Ultimately these functions are not only a great aide through the festive period, but they are resources that should be utilised by advertisers all year round.  Such functions are provided by Google to give advertisers more managerial tools in their locker the ball is firmly in their court to get out there and use them on their own accounts.


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