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From a Cuppa to Cwoffe and Pavements to Sidewalks… twentysix New York is in Full Effect, Baby!

After six years of living la vida loca in the streets of Leeds, England…  twentysix’s resident American expat is now back on American soil and waving the twentysix flag for all to see. So here’s our brand new New Yorker, Nayani Vivekaandamorthy, to tell you about her mission to get things moving in our New York office as well as a few anecdotes from her first month in New York. Enjoy!

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That’s right folks, twentysix New York is now in full effect right in Manhattan.  I’ve swapped the birds chirping for never-ending police sirens and sheep baa-ing amidst rolling, green hills for piles and piles and piles of trash (oh, that means rubbish) and homeless people weeing on the sidewalk. Yes, it’s true. New York is truly a remarkably weird and wonderful place and I am loving every minute of it.

So, how’s business, I hear you ask? We’re up to a lot of interesting new projects in New York, working with some brand spanking new brands, a few US counterparts of our existing European base as well as getting chummy with our three New York-based sister agencies. There are lots of exciting projects to commence this year and we’ll be sure to share the scoop with you in our 2014 newsletters!

But, first, let’s talk nightlife. The only true way to really network in the big apple is to make sure you go to all the hottest bars and clubs in Manhattan. I know, I know. I’m hard working beyond belief, so I’ve been hitting all the bars, local and afar, armed with G&Ts and business cards – ready for anything!  At most nice places, a glass of wine with tip can get to being about $16. Are you kidding me? I could get three bottles of Echo Falls with that money back home! But, ah, I digress…

Here’s a quick recap of some of my most amusing moments while living here this first month.  I’ll be sure to share more as the months go by. Stay lovely, Leeds!

  • ‘Dude, are you British?’ – It’s bizarre how many people stop to tell me I have no trace of an English accent while others incessantly make fun of me, accusing me of pretending to be English. In England, I was constantly ridiculed for my American accent and over here I’m made fun on for pretending to be British – I CANNOT WIN!
  • ‘Sri Lankaaaa? Where is that? I’ve never heard of that.’  – When I explain to people that my ethnicity is Sri Lankan in England, people stop to tell me how they spent three weeks bathing elephants there during a Gap Year… whereas; over here I have to explain what it is and where the island is located.
  • ‘It’s the EXTERMINATOR!’ – I was awoken at 7am last week to a man running up and down the apartment stairs, ringing peoples’ doorbells and proclaiming he was the exterminator. Oh yeah, no… this is apparently a standard thing that happens every month – something my landlord failed to tell me. I nearly wet the bed in fear.
  • ‘Stop saying ‘thank you’ to people’ – My friend proclaimed that I was behaving way too friendly by saying things like… ‘excuse me’ and ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • ‘In 16 years, I’ve never had this happen’ – You know the apartment supers in New York based television shows? They’re really accurate. For every single problem my super encounters, his response is always the same thing and he always seems really angry at me even though the problem has nothing to do with me.
  • ‘I know, right?’  – My Americanisms are back!

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